What Headphones Does Pewdiepie Use?

Pewdiepie, aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is well-loved by his fans for being one of the most entertaining YouTubers of the last decade. When we aspire to make it big on YouTube, like Felix, it can help to look at their setup, particularly their headsets, because they often need the best to deliver good content. So, what headphones does Pewdiepie use?

Currently, Pewdiepie uses the Audeze LCD-3 Headphones and the Limited Edition Pewdiepie Razer Nari Ultimate headphones – custom-made by Razer. Since he started on YouTube, he’s used around thirteen different headphones, ranging from Razer to Corsair, Monster, and Sennheiser.

Let’s look at his history from when he started in 2010 to the present day and see which headphones he used.

What Headphones Does Pewdiepie Use?

Although Pewdiepie used several headphone brands throughout the years, he remains loyal to Razer headsets because it was the first brand he ever purchased.

Before he started his YouTube career, he needed a mic, so he spent some of his last remaining cash to buy the Razer Carcharias.

His current headset is the Limited Edition Pewdiepie Razer Nari Ultimate.

Before that, he used many headsets throughout the years, and we’ll look at them in this article.

Limited Edition Pewdiepie Razer Nari Ultimate: Current Headphones

Pewdiepie Using His Limited Edition Razer Nari Ultimate Headphones

Pewdiepie’s current headset of choice is the Razer Nari Ultimate. Its most intriguing feature is its Razer Hypersense Haptic Feedback technology which adds unparalleled Immersion for gaming, music, and other sound-related activities.

Furthermore, it’s also great for CS:GO and Apex due to its positional accuracy coupled with THX Spatial 7.1 surround sound.

Furthermore, in 2019, Felix briefly used Noble Katana earphones for his Elgato sponsor.

They’re not headphones, but it’s worth mentioning.

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Razer’s Hypersense Haptic Feedback

The technology works by having L5 Haptic drivers and the regular 50-millimeter dynamic drivers in each ear cup.

The Haptic drivers articulate according to the signal coming through the speaker cable. However, unlike speakers that move a diaphragm to create sound energy, the Razer headphones use actuators that move back and forth, turning electrical energy into mechanical energy.

However, the vibration effect is very different from that of a controller. Controllers tend to have a  single, coarse vibration setting that game developers must program into their games.

For instance, they need to include coding that tells your controller to vibrate when you crash into a wall.

The Nari Ultimate’s vibration requires no software support and responds in real time over a frequency range of 20 to 200 hertz – which conveniently overlaps with the headphone driver’s frequency response.

In other words, the headphones are not relying on the haptic drivers for the user’s low-frequency sensation – they’re augmenting them.

Despite the innovative technology, the feature can be a little hit-and-miss in terms of practicality. It may create small vibrations from movies or videos that do not match the events you see on the screen.

Moreover, it works well for guns and explosions and breathes new life into your music, but not so well with passive gameplay like Starcraft.

What Other Features Can You Expect From The Nari Ultimate?

The Nari Ultimate has a lightweight and intelligent design that auto-Adjusts like a headband around the gamer’s head, assuming a comfortable shape and making it possible for longer gaming sessions.

Furthermore, comms are easy thanks to the headphone’s retractable mic with audio adjustments for quickly lowering your input and output volume during gameplay.

In addition, you’ll also find a volume adjustment wheel and mic mute button directly on the headset.

While leather-padded ear cushions tend to be the softest and most comfortable, they can make your ears pretty hot after a while. For this reason, Razer implemented soft cushioning with gel to reduce heat build-up.

The cushioning also makes them noise-canceling so that you won’t become distracted by the dog barking or the traffic outside.

These headphones also have wireless compatibility with PC and PS4, plus it supports wired connectivity via a 3.5-millimeter cable with PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and mobile devices. Lastly, what would a Razer headset be like without Razer Chroma? You can choose between 16.8 million color combinations.

While PewDiePie’s limited edition headphones may be challenging to get your hands on, you can get Razer Nari Ultimate headphones that deliver the same audio experience.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset: THX

Audeze LCD-3: Also Current Headphones

Pewdiepie Using Audeze Lcd-3 Headphones

Keen viewers will have noticed that towards the end of 2022, Felix started using a new pair of headphones that parted ways from the typical gaming headset you’ve come to see over the previous decade. This headset is the Audeze LCD-3, a premium headset designed for audiophiles.

If you’re looking to grab a pair yourself, they’ll set you back close to $2,000, which is not small change when we’re talking about headphones.

The audio quality, as you can expect, is exemplary, but what would you expect from headphones in this price bracket.

Audeze LCD-3 Over Ear Open Back Headphone Zebrano Wood Rings

Razer Kraken Pro V2 PewDiePie Edition: 2017 

Pewdiepie started using the Razer Kraken Pro V2, which he dubbed Razer Kraken Bro V2, in 2017. These headphones offer great audio immersion thanks to their 50 mm Razer custom-tuned drivers.

The unique audio signature of these impressive drivers creates crystal-clear highs and explosive lows that will keep the adrenaline pumping.

The Razer Kraken V2 headband consists of Bauxite aluminum that is both lightweight and highly flexible, so you get outstanding durability without sacrificing comfort.

Moreover, it also has a retractable microphone with in-line controls to ensure you can hear team comms over the in-game sound.

The ear cushions have an oval shape to fit comfortably over your ears, making the cushions perfect for long-wearing comfort.

Their sensitivity measures at 1 kHz- 123 dB, and they also boast drivers with neodymium magnets. The mic, however, is only available on the PC platform.

The Razer Kraken’s microphone employs a cardioid pickup pattern to ensure that your voice is clear and without background noise. It eliminates noise from beside and behind the microphone, ensuring that your team always hears you.

The headset does not come with a detachable cable, so there’s no collection of cables with this headset.

However, the one cable it does come with is a very long extension cable with a split at the end for your mic and a headset output so that you can use it on pc on the cable that comes with the headphones.

In this video, you can see PewDiePie using this headset.

Corsair H2100 Wireless Gaming Headset: 2016 

Despite mainly using Razer, Pewdiepie also used Corsair headphones in 2016. The H2100 feels solid and includes an adjustable headband and swiveling earcups for maximum comfort and more time gaming.

Like the other device, the over-the-ear earcups are large and covered with comfortable microfiber-wrapped memory foam. The microphone is not detractable but pivots toward the headphones’ left.

Its 2.4 GHz technology boasts a pretty decent connectivity radius, reaching up to 40 feet and lasting 10 hours. The best part about the H2100 is its exceptional audio quality and in-game spacial positioning.

It will help to improve your situational awareness in multiplayer FPS games, plus you’ll feel more immersed in single-player games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

It is especially good at 7.1 surround sound, where you can hear footsteps, sword slashes, and background explosions as if they were happening in real life.

You could probably close your eyes and still be reasonably accurate with your positioning.

The Corsair H2100 wireless headset is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, plus you’ll also need internet access to download and update the headphone’s software.

Sennheiser RS 170: 2016 

Sennheiser is a top-notch brand, so it’s no surprise that Pewdiepie used a pair at some point.

While prior RS headphones, such as the RS140, used an FM radio connection to transmit sound, these headphones employ a version of Kleer’s 2.4GHz digital wireless technology, which is also a part of Sleek Audio’s renowned W1 Wireless IEM adapter.

Due to its plastic design, the RS 170 weighs only 216 grams without batteries. Aside from where the earcups join to the headband, the satin black-and-silver headphones’ build quality is solid, although plastic won’t last nearly as long as steel or aluminum frames.

These Sennheiser wireless headphones also have a unique multi-purpose transmitter that functions as an easy charge cradle and docking station. The multi-receiver is pretty powerful, too, allowing up to four people to listen from the same source.

However, the headphones are incompatible with Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, it generates potent permanent magnetic fields that could cause interference with cardiac pacemakers and implanted defibrillators (ICDs).

The RS 170 retains power from a single AAA NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery in each earcup, and the Sennheiser states that a fully charged pair may last up to 24 hours.

The black plastic base of the transmitter and battery charger also functions as a headphone stand. Some gamers may be disappointed by the RS 170’s solitary 3.5mm analog input; however, it may not be as bad when used with a TV or AV receiver.

Sennheiser Game Zero: 2015

The Game Zero is well-made, consisting of metal, yet it’s relatively flexible and lightweight and is held together by two heavy metal pins. The ears swivel flat, with a smooth, fluid action that demonstrates its high-end quality.

Furthermore, the headset comes with wide over-ear XXL cups that are sure to be comfortable. Regardless of your ear size, the generously sized oval cups on these cans have about a centimeter to spare in every direction.

In addition to being large, the earcups are deep, ensuring that the outside margins of your ears do not contact the inner walls of the earcup.

The microphone does not retract into the headset; it is huge, securely attached, and prominent. You can swivel it up and out of the way, but there’s still a large microphone attached to the side, which may dissuade some players.

The sound of Game Zero is incredibly balanced, concentrated, and crisp. Even though this headset is only stereo, the clean, balanced sound lends itself wonderfully to the directional sound stages. The frequency response focuses on performing at mid-range but with a lovely, relaxing roll-off at the high end that is ideal for minimizing ear strain during lengthy sessions.

Razer Kraken Forged Edition: 2014

Pewdiepie found a lot of value in his Razer headphones and even stated it formed a big part of his identity as a streamer and boosted his confidence. Except for black grills and a little chrome trim, they’re virtually entirely matte metal.

The headband is soft and flexible, in contrast to the rear of the ear cups, which are all-metal and chilly to the touch. Even the extension band that appears while sizing them is attractive.

Because the cups fold inward, the Kraken Forged is quite portable. The cushioned semi-hard case securely retains the headphones, but its design adds a lot of heft, so you may need to carry them in a soft bag.

While the Krakens are beautiful to look at, they are even more satisfying to wear. The interior of the cups has an interior lining with black leatherette-wrapped memory foam. They were still comfy after a couple of hours of gaming, offering a nice cushion for the area around our ears.

In terms of performance, the neodymium pair works in tandem with the headphone’s acoustic chambers and isolated closed ear cup design to produce booming bass, clean mids, and sharp highs for music and pitch-perfect gaming sound.

Furthermore, the in-line microphone was fine for conversing with friends and opponents, giving loud, clear audio on both ends. However, it might be nicer to hear a classic boom mic like the Razer Kraken Pros. Furthermore, the sound would occasionally cut in and out due to in-game excitement.

Razer Kraken Pro Neon Analog Gaming Headphones: 2014

Let’s be honest for a second: A headset that can’t remain on your head for hours isn’t suitable for gaming.

The Kraken Pro Neon, thankfully, has ample padding in the ear cups and is also incredibly light, at 0.65 pounds or 293 grams. Regarding its features, it does not support Bluetooth and does not include a built-in remote.

While you may use the Kraken Pro Neon to listen to music, that is not the intention here; you can tell Razer calibrated the headset for in-game audio.

Although this will allow them to perform a reasonable job if you’re viewing a movie on your laptop, you won’t hear much detail if you blast some classical music over this headset.

If you’ve spent a lot of time gaming online, and chances are you have if you’re considering purchasing this headset, you know how crucial voices are.

Voices effectively cut through the sound of explosions and general commotion so that you won’t lose contact with your comrades.

If you miss your 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system, you may experiment with the Razer Surround software. It promises to operate with headphones and increase spatial clues, which can help detect footsteps.

Monster DNA On-Ear: 2013

These headphones are a bit of an odd one; they aren’t really gaming headphones. Pewdiepie wore these only three years after he started on YouTube, so he may have been experimenting to see what would best fit his setup. 

Monster DNA on-ear headphones have sleek, shiny surfaces and simple, triangular ear cups.

These are available in a broad range of styles and colors, and you can make your own with a bit of imagination and technical competence.

Monster also chose robust, lightweight materials to build a pair of high-quality headphones that should last a long time and can tolerate some abuse.

No annoying creaking sounds or undesired resonance exist when you listen to music. A pair of massive hinges allow you to fold these headphones and transport them in the supplied soft carrying pouch.

Here’s one of PewDiePie’s videos showing him using the Monster DNA On-Ear headphones.

Monster NCredible N-Pulse: 2013

Another headset focused on DJs rather than games is the Monster N-Pulse headphones. They are Over-Ear Headphones featuring swivel earcups that rotate to the side and up and out of the way.

They also have a ControlTalk Universal remote control built into the tangle-free cords.

The N-Pulse headphones also have an LED Light Drive for energy-efficient lighting and elegance. The Light Drive system receives power from two AAA batteries. The power switch exists on top of the battery box, which is attached to the headphones wire.

With their hefty and vividly colored designs, Monster NCredible NPulse Over-The-Ear Headphones appear and feel like a direct rival to the Beats and SMS headset brands.

Furthermore, it is comparable to the SMS Audio DJ Pro headphones in that it consists almost entirely of plastic, are lightweight, and are easy to wear.

They also include a 3.5-millimeter cable, a compact gray bag, instructions, stickers, a cleaning cloth, and other accessories.

Here’s one of PewDiePie’s videos showing him using the Monster NCredible N-Pulse headphones.

Razer Electra Gaming Headphones: 2012

The Electra has a sturdy and opulent feel, but it doesn’t have any exotic materials upon closer investigation. The ultra-soft leatherette material that covers the earpads and exterior strip of the headband makes an excellent first impression.

The earcups’ housing consists of impact-resistant, matte-black plastic with the Razer symbol to establish its identity. There are two color options: black and Xbox green. Two 40mm drivers with light and strong neodymium magnets and copper-wound aluminum voice coils power the Electra.

Furthermore, these headphones can reproduce frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 16,000Hz. The sensitivity measures 104 dB, plus or minus 3dB, and the impedance is 32 ohms; this means that the Electra should work well with almost any audio device, including an underpowered iPhone.

Razer Carcharias: 2010 

Pewdiepie’s first-ever headphones – Razer Carcharias – propelled him into the star he is today.

The Carcharias headphones include stereo speakers with a claimed frequency response of 20-20,000Hz and a rated power of 200mW delivered by two 40mm drivers.

The microphone, which hangs on a fairly typical plastic boom, provides unidirectional pick-up (which might be helpful in a crowded LAN party setting) and a frequency response of 50-16,000Hz.

You can regulate the volume via an in-line microphone in the center of the Carcharias 3m cable.

That’s plenty for most PC gamers, but those with home media centers or who enjoy TV-based headphone gaming may find it a touch short.

The cable ends with two standard 3.5mm audio ports, one for headphones and one for the microphone.

Final Thoughts On PewDiePies Headphones

Pewdiepie currently uses the Limited Edition Pewdiepie Razer Nari Ultimate headphones and the Audeze LCD-3 headphones.

The Limited Edition Nari Ultimates are headphones with a custom color scheme and design features that he made in collaboration with Razer.

Over the years, Felix has used many different types of headphones, from Razer, Monster Cable, Sennheiser, and Corsair, but he tends to prefer Razer headphones.

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