What Mouse Does Shroud Use?

So, you’re looking for a new gaming mouse, and you figure that mouse that a pro uses is an excellent place to start. Surely, they are running only the best equipment out there. Or maybe you are a pretty solid FPS player, and an upgrade can take you to the next level, so what do the pros use? What mouse does Shroud use?

Shroud primarily uses a custom version of a Logitech G303 Wireless mouse known as the Shroud Edition of the G303. It was designed and built especially for Shroud and was released to the market in November of 2021. It is a very light wireless gaming mouse with impressive battery life.

It is a great mouse, for sure.  It may even be the perfect mouse for many people, but it is definitely not for everyone.

Is Shroud’s Mouse The Pinnacle Of Peripherals? 

Shroud is an excellent gamer, and being as good as he is, means he can tell the difference between good and bad peripherals.

However, unlike the hardware inside the PC case, peripherals have a subjective component.

A mouse that is loved by you may be hated by your friend. However, there are peripherals out there that are generally and widely loved, but does Shroud’s mouse fall into the category?

Shroud And Logitech G303 Wireless Mouse
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Shroud’s Mouse Is Essentially A Logitech G303

We must go back in time to thoroughly understand what Shroud’s mouse is. In March 2015, Logitech launched the G303, which was marketed as the bigger brother of the G302.

The G303 upped the game on the spec list, getting an improved sensor, tensioning system, and reduced weight.  It was a mouse aimed squarely at the eSports community.

However, it didn’t exactly steal the hearts of the entire community. The opinions of the mouse were quite polarizing, primarily because of the physical design of the body.

The G303 featured a diamond-like shape, with a narrowed back and a wide grip point around the center.

While gamers with bigger hands that used a claw grip almost instantly fell in love with it, those with small hands or a fingertip grip weren’t as excited.

Instead, they struggled to find a comfortable grip, and most just returned to using their old faithful mouse.

Fast forward a few years, and sales of the G303 declined to the point where Logitech finally discontinued it in 2018. The G303 was then replaced by the G-Pro Wireless mouse, which has seen massive success.

The G-Pro quickly became loved by most of the pro-gaming community, including Shroud, who used a G-Pro Superlight until very recently. However, it was probably just a necessary replacement for Shroud because his first and ultimate love was the G303.

As fans of Shroud discovered his love for the lost G303, interest in the mouse fanned to flame again, and questions surrounding its untimely demise grew.

Logitech, being a kind and gracious king of tech, heard the cries of the people (and the pounding probabilities of profits) and decided to partner with Shroud to refresh and rerelease the G303.

Shroud’s Mouse Vs. The Original G303

Before the release of Shroud’s mouse, many people wondered if it would simply be a wireless version of the G303 branded with his name. However, that’s not the case at all.

While the “Logitech X Shroud G303” clearly resembles its predecessor, it’s a different beast altogether under the hood.

Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse - LIGHTSPEED- HERO

The sensor was upgraded to Logitech’s 25k Hero sensor, which means that Shroud’s mouse has a DPI range of 100 – 25’000 versus the 200 – 12’000 range of the old G303.

In layman’s terms, the updated G303 has more than twice the sensitivity range of the old one.

Shroud’s mouse also has improved mechanical switches with ultra-low latency. Most notably, his version is 35% lighter than the original, weighing around 75 grams.

Coupled with the lightweight are Logitech’s newer and slicker feet sliders, making the mouse much smoother.

As far as the design goes, one or two changes may not be immediately noticeable. Firstly, the DPI button is more recessed in the updated version.

And while there are one or two people who may dislike this, it makes sense to recess that button to avoid accidental clicks.

Secondly, it may be hard to tell, but the actual shape is slightly modified. When working with Shroud, Logitech altered the body to fit his hand and grip style optimally.

The primary changes are that he made the back “hump” slightly higher and the sides wider.

He also changed the position of the switches to be more in line with the scroll wheel, and he gave the side buttons new shapes.

Is The Logitech X Shroud G303 Any Good?

So, after all these changes, alterations, and improvements, is Shroud’s G303 any good? Well, yes and no. 

You have to keep in mind that this mouse was explicitly designed for Shroud.  So for him, the mouse is absolutely perfect. And several people feel the exact same way.

However, most of those people have two things in common. First, they have larger hands, and second, they use a claw grip. If you fall into that demographic, you should definitely give the mouse a go because it may just be the perfect mouse for you.

On the flip side, gamers with smaller hands or who use a fingertip grip say that they find it hard to use the mouse comfortably. And they eventually gave up because their hands started cramping.

The huge Bluetooth dongle storage drawer tucked in the back is the other arbitrary but divisive issue with the mouse. Most users agree that the size of the draw is overkill.

Fortunately, if it bothers you that much, you can remove the drawer, leave the mouse with a cave-like hole at the back, and shave off two grams.

You also don’t get RGB with Shroud’s mouse, but the reason for it is that Logitech focuses on optimizing battery consumption. The newer G303 is rated for up to 145 hours before needing to be charged back up.  Adding RGB would cut that battery life nearly in half.

What Is The Best Alternative Option To Shroud’s G303?

So, what if you have smaller hands but still want a Shroud-approved peripheral? Well, the answer is simple, buy the Logitech G-Pro Superlight.

Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless Gaming Mouse, Ultra-Lightweight, HERO

Where the Shroud G303 was made with one gamer in mind, the G-Pro series was designed to fit the hands of just about any gamer who picks it up. It is a fantastic mouse by any standard. It’s also ever so slightly lighter than Shroud’s G303.

The G-Pro is the most popular gaming mouse among the pros, so if you are stuck at an indecisive crossroads, it is doubtful you can go wrong with G-Pro. Unless, maybe, you have huge hands.

Final Thoughts On Shrouds Mouse

Shroud used the Logitech G303 until it was discontinued in 2018 due to a lack of sales. After that, he switched to the Logitech G-Pro, but it didn’t work as well for him as the G303.

Logitech then partnered with Shroud, refreshed the G303, and released its updated version late in 2021.

The new G303 is a vast improvement over the original in shape and technology. It is more sensitive and generally more comfortable. However, people with smaller hands still find the diamond shape uncomfortable.

So, perhaps like Thor’s hammer, not everyone is worthy of wielding the Logitech X Shroud G303.

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