Best Gifts For YouTubers And Vloggers

Content creators are becoming commonplace in the job market nowadays. And with so many young and aspiring YouTubers, a new gifting market is popping up.

From gaming creators to beauty gurus and lifestyle vloggers, it’s hard to narrow down what gifts to get for your YouTuber friends.

So, when looking for gifts for YouTubers, having a great list of suggestions is helpful. 

1. Ring Lights

Makeup Youtuber Using A Ring Light

A ring light is one of the best gifts you can give an aspiring YouTuber. These little lights effectively transform any video’s look from amateur to professional.

They’re also far more budget-friendly than an expensive light set-up.

When YouTubers start, a good quality camera, microphone, and light set-up are integral to their content creator kit.

So, if you want to wow your recipient, this is a fantastic option. Be sure to pick a ring light with a tripod and adjustable settings for a gift your YouTube-obsessed friend will never forget.

Our top pick for the best ring light that combines affordability and functionality is the UBeesize 12” Ring Light.

2. Storage Devices

Storage Devices On A Desk

Spending a long time in front of a camera and filming hours of footage needs a ton of space to store your raw footage. For this reason, external and internal storage devices will be a welcome gift from your YouTuber friends.

No matter what storage device you choose, it should have plenty of space and be hardy enough to withstand long hours of use.

After all, most vloggers will use their devices almost every day. They should also be fast enough to import and export footage. 

You can find our favorite SD card (a 64GB Transcend) here. But if you’re looking for an incredible external hard drive, you can’t go wrong with a Western Digital 5TB My Passport.

3. Subscriber Counters

Every budding YouTuber knows how exciting it is to watch their channel grow. And with a handmade subscriber counter, they can watch their subscriber count climb in real-time.

They can place this gift next to their desk, on their PC tower, or anywhere else they’d like. Since YouTubers put so much hard work and dedication into their videos, a thoughtful and unique gift like this is sure to wow them.

You can also join in on watching your YouTuber friend’s subscriber count climb higher and higher and root for your favorite creator as they reach their dream of becoming a full-time content creator.

A counter is an incredibly unique gift; most subscriber counters will be handmade. They can be found on platforms like Etsy. 

Tons of talented creators can make a personalized subscriber counter for your recipient. Etsy is the marketplace to visit to find the most personalized ones.

Personalized Subscriber Counter
Source: Etsy

4. Desk Microphone

Suppose you’re making videos and trying to launch your channel into cyber stardom. In that case, you’re going to want to make high-quality content.

Of course, you’ll need a good vlogging camera, a great light set-up, and a top-notch microphone to make the best videos! 

Audio quality makes a huge difference to YouTube videos, so gifting your friend a high-quality microphone is sure to put a smile on their face! The best microphone for creators is the Logitech Blue Yeti

We love that it comes in several different colors to suit any aesthetic. You can also pick from a bundle with additional streaming accessories to make your gift extra special.

5. Stream Decks

Things can get cluttered when you’re recording a video, editing, engaging with subscribers on your social media platforms, and trying to juggle the crazy career of being a YouTube creator. Particularly your desktop. 

Nowadays, there’s a desktop icon for everything, from Discord and YouTube to your editing and voiceover software.

So how can you help your YouTuber friends de-clutter their workspace and quickly swap from one app to another? The answer is simple: Stream decks.

Stream decks are a command center for everything you need for a successful day of streaming and uploading. This piece of equipment makes for a unique and fantastic gift.

Elgato is the go-to brand, but you can also find some quality alternatives to the Stream deck from other manufacturers.

6. Wireless Headphones

White Wireless Headphone With Pink And Blue Background

Sitting at your PC or laptop, you’ll usually have various equipment and accessories on your desk. There is way too much clutter from your mouse and keyboard to your earphones, microphone, lights, and cameras.

And it doesn’t help that most of your equipment is attached to a cable. With so many wires running around and over your desk, it’s easy to get tangled up. That’s where wireless equipment comes in! Particularly wireless headphones. 

Almost everyone knows the sticky situation where they try to stand up from their desk, only to be yanked back by their headphone cable.

With a great pair of wireless headphones, you won’t have to worry about that anymore! So why not give this amazing gift to your YouTuber friends? 

You don’t need to get an expensive pair like PewDiePie’s headphones, but if you have some cash to spend and want the best quality, we recommend the Sony WH-1000XM4.

7. Vlogging Cameras

Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

You can’t think of YouTubers without thinking about vlogging cameras with a flip-screen. And suppose you want to wow an aspiring YouTuber with one of the best gifts you can give them.

To wow your YouTuber buddy, you may consider getting them an awesome starter camera to help them hit the ground running.

A vlogging camera is usually different from a handheld or point-and-shoot camera, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re giving them the best.

Our favorite vlogging camera is the Sony ZV-1. This vlogging camera has different options that can add a special touch to your gifts, like a microphone and accessory kit.

8. Standing Desk Converters

Spending hours hunched over at your desk can take a toll on your neck, back, and shoulders. And nobody wants to leave their desk feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

For that reason, a unique gift for YouTubers may be a standing desk converter.

Standing desk converters can be placed on an existing desk so that users can sit or stand, depending on their preference. Since YouTubers spend most of their time in front of their PC, you can take your gift to the next level with a high-quality converter.

This gift is unlike any other and can save your loved ones a couple of pricey trips to the chiropractor.

Our top pick for a functional, budget-friendly, and high-quality standing desk converter is the VIVO 32-inch Desk Converter.

9. Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse

With most YouTubers sticking to niches like vlogging or gaming, getting them an ergonomic gaming mouse can make for an amazing YouTuber gift. 

While you can always get them a gaming or an ergonomic mouse, gifting them an all-in-one piece of equipment is the greatest way to make their day.

There are tons of ergonomic gaming mice on the market. Still, you’ll want to look for one made by a gaming company if you want it to have the best gaming capabilities.

You can check out our top pick here if you’re unsure where to find the perfect mouse. You can also bundle our pick with a gaming mousepad lined with LED lights for a high-tech and sleek finish.

Final Thoughts

If you’re stuck on what to get your favorite YouTuber for their birthday or Christmas, go practical. 

They can always use more gear to help them improve their content and grow their channel. 

These are all great gift ideas, such as ring lights, storage devices, subscriber counters, mics, stream decks, wireless headphones, cameras, standing desk converters, and a gaming mouse. 

And who knows? Maybe your Practical Gift will be the thing that helps them take their channel to the next level.

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