12 Characteristics Of a Determined Person

Would you like to become a determined person? Although determined people know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to chase after their dreams and goals, they don’t necessarily need to be assertive.

Despite your personality, you can learn to become a determined person.

Traits Of Determined People

1. Determined People Learn From Their Past Mistakes

Determined people aren’t afraid to take risks if it brings them closer to their goals. However, if they fail, they will use the failure as a learning curve and adjust their approach in the future.

Determined people won’t dwell on their mistakes but see them as an opportunity to grow.

To become a determined person, you mustn’t let your mistakes define you. 

Instead, evaluate your mistake to see what you did wrong and how you can change your behavior in the future, so you don’t repeat that mistake.

A Hammer And Broken Nails Representing Learning From Past Mistakes

2. A Determined Person Adjusts Their Methods

When a determined person sees that a current method is not working to bring them closer to their goal, they will adjust the method, not the goal.

If you adjust your goal every time you encounter an obstacle, you will never reach it.

Instead of adjusting your goal, adjust your approach to the goal.

For example, if unforeseen circumstances force you to move your deadline, then move the deadline. But don’t change the goal simply because it will take longer to reach.

3. Determined People Work Hard

Determined people share a lot of traits with hardworking people. They’re willing to stay the extra hours and do the extra work if it will bring them closer to their goal.

On the other hand, doing the bare minimum will not bring you success and is not a trait of a determined person.

Determined people are willing to go the extra mile. They often believe that the time they spend working hard now will be worth it when they reach their goals.

To be a determined person, you must work hard to reach your goals.

4. Determined People Are Focused

Determined people are focused on reaching their goals. They don’t allow temporary pleasures to distract them from their goals. 

For example, a person determined to buy their first house before 30 won’t spend money on a fancy holiday, as this will not bring him closer to his goal.

To be a determined person, you must sacrifice some of the smaller luxuries to help you reach your goal and pick the fruits of your labor.

5. Determined People Prioritize What’s Important

Determined people also prioritize what is important to help them reach their goals. If they have to choose between watching a movie or reading a book that teaches them how to achieve their goals, they will choose the latter.

Determined people try not to waste time on social media when they can spend it learning and get closer to their goals.

Of course, if you need a break, you can do whatever you like to relax. But don’t let trivial things like movies or social media distract you from what is really important.

If you are determined to reach your goals, you must seize every opportunity to learn.

6. Determined People Aren’t Afraid To Be Alone

People often start by doing things in a group. As time passes, more people give up on their dreams and decide to follow other paths.

However, if you are truly determined to reach your goals, you must be willing to reach them alone.

Determined people aren’t afraid to do things alone, like attending conferences or going to the gym.

A determined person will place their goals above their social desires and focus on what is essential: working hard to reach their goals. 

7. Determined People Welcome Competition

Determined people also aren’t afraid of competition. Instead, they welcome competition because it will encourage them to work harder to achieve their goals.

Therefore, if you want to be a determined person, you must stop seeing competition as the enemy and start seeing it as your new best friend.

Your competition won’t cause you to fail. Instead, it will force you to focus on the bigger picture and chase your dreams.

If there can be only one winner, you must ensure that you work harder than anyone else so that winner is you. This is how a determined person sees the competition and how you must see it too. 

8. Determined People Are Optimistic

Determined people are optimistic, even when things don’t go according to plan. A determined person won’t break down and feel sorry for themselves if they fail or if circumstances keep them from reaching their goals.

Instead, they are ambitious, focusing on the positive aspects of life to make the best of a bad situation to reach their goals. 

If you are really determined to reach your goals, you cannot allow negative thoughts and emotions to get in the way.

Instead, you must stay positive and believe you will eventually reach your goals.

Meditate daily on your goals to ensure you stay focused and positive. 

9. Determined People Focus Only On Their Goals

Another thing determined people do is to focus on their goals and their goals alone. Determined people don’t compare themselves or their progress to others.

Instead, they compare their progress to themselves.

If your goal is to run a marathon, you cannot compare your run time with another person.

The only person you can compare your run time to is yourself. Work on improving your methods and skills. This is the only way you can reach your goals. 

10. Determined People Are Humble

Determined people are also humble enough to admit when they need help. They aren’t too proud to say when they have had help in reaching their goals, and they give credit where credit is due.

Determined people also don’t shy away from learning from those with more experience. 

Determining and focusing on your goals doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

Being optimistic and embracing competition means looking to those around you. If you cannot face the challenge alone, you must ask for help from others. Don’t pride yourself in being alone if it isn’t necessary. 

11. A Determined Person Is Resilient

Determined people don’t let failure defeat them. Instead, they take time to process what happened and focus on learning from their mistakes. 

But determined people are resilient and don’t give up after failing once or twice.

If you are determined to reach your goals, you must squeeze some lemons. Don’t let one or two setbacks derail you. Practice resilience and be fierce and tough when fighting for your goals.

Only then will you have the strength and courage to reach them.

12. Determined People Take Responsibility 

Finally, determined people take responsibility for their mistakes and shortcomings. While you shouldn’t let your mistakes define you, you also shouldn’t live in denial of them.

Instead, embrace your mistakes and see them as learning opportunities.

Reaching your goal will taste bittersweet if you cannot take responsibility for your mistakes. Determined people don’t sacrifice or betray those they love and care for when pursuing their goals.

Instead, they learn from others and use their guidance as a stepping stone to help them reach their goals.

Final Thoughts On Determination

If you want to be more determined, focus on learning from your mistakes, adjusting your methods as needed, working hard, and being focused.

Determine what is most important and prioritize that. Be optimistic and resilient when things get tough.

And finally, take responsibility for your actions.

By cultivating these 12 determined personality traits, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

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