10 Traits Of a Hardworking Person

The digital world makes us rethink what it means to be hardworking. The zippy, zealous, and keen make a mark with innovative, goal-directed attitudes and plenty of grit. 

With millennials at the helm, you’ve got digital intelligence (DQ), emotional intelligence (EQ) added to IQ and none of the old-style workhorse ethic. 

A hardworking person’s skills and aptitude match a technological era.

Traits Of A Hardworking Person

1. Passionate About The Digital Realm

The world of hard work has changed its color but not the degree of time and effort it takes to earn and be productive. A band of newcomers is hard at work to follow their passion and achieve success.

And it’s this passion that gets them started. The digital tribe works long hours for the love of it and invents strategies to deal with and thrive in the digital economy. 

Digital smartness (DQ) steps out alongside emotional (EQ) and intelligence (IQ) to define what hardworking means in the digital realm.

The digital hardworking might seem less physically active but are awake and actively busy all hours of the day (and night). The digital realm’s allure keeps them passionate, involved, and ready to tap into big data offerings.

Hardworking is now a mental shift to use technology to self-create opportunities. Still dynamic and driven, the techno-sphere has options in this digital space where information and data know no end.

Hardworking is defined by passion, and the game players – women and men – follow their passions to earn and seek high profits.

2. Innovative In The Digital Realm

A strong character trait of a digital innovator is being hardworking. The stars of the digital realm live their passion. The energetic Girl boss hustling vibe is ever present.

Many entrepreneurs put in many hours to make businesses happen on social media and marketplace platforms. 

The ventures take hard work and passion – from fast-selling fashion on eBay to massive online empires. With digital savviness, the hardworking pays off.

Working for themselves or others, tapping away at keyboards, or sitting in online meetings is about being industrious.

Their stamina and perseverance, combined with passion, mark the level of hard work they are prepared to do.

In corporations, hard work is a passion, too, and infectiousness drives team spirit. There’s always a customer too to please.

But the love is much like Microsoft’s Stephen Sinofsky – a mastermind passionate about strategizing, organizing, and innovating. 

One can’t ignore the passion and hard work of Steve Jobs and investor Warren Buffett – ‘the Sage or Oracle of Omaha.’ 

3. Digital Self-Determination

The root of peoples’ hard work is to make life choices, mostly done with passions (see above). This takes time and skills, and long hours to pursue.

Efforts are not always straightforward, and the decisions become harder than anticipated. A stand-out characteristic of a hardworking person is their determination, particularly their self-determination, which in the digital era is seeking opportunities.

The digital sphere is loaded with minefields. It takes hard work to lock into often global networks to pursue dreams and desires. It takes guts and hard work to cope with bureaucratic online red tape.

As much as a willingness to self-determinism exists, securing fundamental rights for fair and equal opportunity is hard work. But none of this deters the hardworking and digitally savvy person.

4. Organized To Succeed In The Digital Era

Success in the digital era is a personal journey and even involves building a brand. You undoubtedly know what it takes to develop a personal brand that tells a story.

The hardworking person wants to stand out and make a mark.

This individual quest is possible in the digital era, yet it takes stamina and innovation. A key trait is their ability to organize and finish things on tight deadlines.

Brainstorming and planning are part of everyday routines, and a hardworking person knows the value of being organized.

Planning makes collaboration easier. The digital tribe works hard to plan and do projects, and as these happen online, it’s often not easy to define the number of hours spent.

The interactions online also are collaborative and happen across different time zones. A key outcome is to ensure efficiency and online collaboration is a successful tool. 

5. Self-discipline In A Digital Age

The hardest part of setting out in the digital arena is to stay motivated. Many techno entrepreneurs will tell you that it takes stamina to stay ahead in the fast-evolving techno-sphere.

No doubt, it’s hard work, and in the end, it is perseverance that brings innovators, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to the top.

And did you guess right? Yes, the tech-savvy millennials work hardest, look for hybrid work opportunities, and try to grow their online presence.

This group of the world’s population works hard – they want careers as innovation leaders.

A hardworking person’s stand-out character trait is being self-motivated to succeed. In addition, characteristics include stamina and perseverance.

6. Self-Reliant And Self-Belief For Success

Self-belief is a core aspect of a hardworking person. Working hard involves a lot more when a person goes online.

How they feel about themselves (self-perception) becomes their online presence – indelible as it can’t easily be wiped out.

These digital presences are not straightforward. You have to work hard and be smart. 

Mastering the digital realm is challenging, especially regarding self-presentation and managing self-perceptions. It takes hard work to build a story based on one’s self-concept and translate this into an online presence and business.

The online persona (a personal presentation) must be worked on and managed. 

The hardworking and digitally savvy person knows the value of self-perseverance and self-reliance. A belief in their strengths is at the top of the list of motivations. 

Often, digital skills demand that the hardworking person adapts to hybrid working situations – a home as satellite space for the office environment is shared.

A hardworking person is also adaptable under these circumstances.

7. Creative Digital Entrepreneurs

This trendy group of entrepreneurs is creative, and their passion (see above) and self-determinism keep them working hard and long hours.

They spend hours writing blogs, looking for e-commerce opportunities, and working hard at selling services or products online.

Their goal is to live their online presence and work hard at establishing online businesses and markets.

To get a sense of how hardworking digital entrepreneurs are, one must look at how densely populated the digital world is. Creativity is a valuable trait in the digital world.

As an indication of the vastness of the digital world, it is interesting that:

  • Almost 60% of the world’s population are active internet users
  • The 60% is 4,66 billion people
  • 1.3 million users join social media daily

8. Goal-Directed In The Digital Realm

Did you know that the millennials are workaholics? Well, a study shows that this group of techno boffins is hardworking.

Not only do they work hard, but some also confess to being ‘work martyrs’ and scarcely go on vacation. You could even imagine them investing in neon lettering above their workstations spelling out: work harder.

Their character spells out; get to that goal.

They swear their work is their all and don’t take time off. A report in Harvard Business Review (2016) states that millennials are hardworking and know about the dot.com bubble’s burst and the Great Recession.

They work hard, don’t want to lose their jobs, and want to impact the world. Innovations and ideas are at the foremost of their thinking.

Though driven by technology and opportunity, these hardworking economic grouping of techno-savvy entrepreneurs aren’t saved, suffer commonplace exhaustion, and are on the brink of near burn-out.    

9. Positive Attitude A Must For Digital Success

Hardworking people have a positive attitude and believe in what they’re doing. Such a positive attitude is essential in maintaining an online presence.

Some of the stand-out features are those that have to do with e-leadership.

Hardworking people understand the importance of maintaining a positive attitude as social glue. Building online trust is the hardest part.

The stock WhatsApp and Messenger channels, hybrid offices, and video communications are demanding from group messaging platforms.

They need a hardworking person to succeed. Self-motivation is a critical digital life skill.

10. Effective Communicators On- and Off-line

The digital realm demands life skills that include being hardworking and effective in communication and collaboration.

Much seems like just looking for information, collecting, and then organizing this. But the process is continuous and demanding.

Online planning and effective project management are skills high on a hardworking person’s schedule. The offline side is equally challenging and essential.

The character of a hardworking person includes being flexible. A positive attitude to succeed and hard work also means a willingness to grow in new ways.

It’s this openness and readiness to take on tasks that stand out. As often said, there’s no greatness without hard work – a positive attitude is a hallmark of a hardworking person.

And they know how to spell it out and make it heard.

A Group Of People Talking

Final Thoughts On Hardworking People

If you’re looking to be more hardworking, don’t just strive for these ten traits – cultivate them.

Passionately work towards being innovative and organize your goal-directed hustle with creative flair and self-belief.

Be sure to pour yourself into every task 150% because only then will you start seeing real results that Hard workers are known for.

And always communicate effectively, whether online or offline; remember that the way you carry yourself speaks louder than any typed communication ever could.

Work hard now so you can enjoy a bright future full of success. 

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