5 Fortnite Video Ideas For YouTubers And Streamers

Fortnite is an online game that has been around for about five years; it has amassed a massive following both in terms of active players and content creators or streamers who make a living uploading videos about their favorite games to the internet. 

Would-be vloggers and streamers looking for video ideas regarding Fortnite may wonder where to start.

Here are five of the best Fortnite Video Ideas:

  1. Gameplay Videos
  2. A Guide to Weekly Challenges
  3. Special Live Events
  4. Fortnite Fails
  5. Fortnite Dances and Emotes

1. Gameplay Videos

Some of the most popular videos currently on the internet and on various streaming platforms are recordings of people playing Fortnite.

These videos can take on multiple formats, with those that have been the most viewed belonging to famous personalities and streamers actively playing the game. 

Whether playing duos, squads, or tournaments, recording your gameplay is a great way to share tips and tricks with your viewers.

Woman Playing A Game On A Computer

For those who are highly skilled or who have developed good strategies, these kinds of videos can be very educational. Sharing ideas and showing other players the best ways of achieving specific goals can be very rewarding.

Of course, suppose you are a regular player that manages to pull off remarkable stunts and incredible feats like high kill counts or eliminations.

In that case, how well you can build around yourself, how quick your reactions are, and whether or not you win overall, you are likely to pull many views for your videos.

2. A Guide to Weekly Challenges

When you’ve purchased a Battle Pass for Fortnite, you gain access to weekly challenges that introduce objectives for which rewards are offered upon completion.

These objectives include causing damage or getting kills with a particular weapon, managing trick shots, finding a specific object or material, and finding particular objects at certain locations. 

Time trials, completing a lap around a specified track, or dancing at pre-arranged points have also been set as objectives in the past. And often, these must be completed as part of a greater series, which will reward the player upon completion.

Young Man Playing A Game On A Computer With Headset On

Rewards for completing challenges can be increased XP (experience points), which allow you to level up, and cosmetics such as different pick-axes, emotes, emoticons, and skins.

These challenges occur weekly, and creating videos as guides to completing such challenges can be helpful.

For the more experienced player, completing challenges comes easier, and many times, new players will search for videos on how to achieve the objectives.

It’s both educational and entertaining, and some of the most-watched videos on the internet are of this nature.

3. Special Live Events

Sometimes Fortnite introduces celebrities into the game in what is called Live Events. Big names involved include the famous faceless DJ Marshmello, Diplo, and Travis Scott. These artists host live concerts, which you can attend during the game.

During these times, weapons are often disabled so that everyone can participate without risk, and build is enabled so players can build to higher ground to get a better view.

The virtual concert Marshemello hosted in 2019 was the largest of its kind and was performed simultaneously to over 10 million people in Fortnite.

The DJ even edited this footage and used it as a music video – it has amassed incredible views throughout the last few years.

Other noteworthy events include Christmas Events, themed storyline events, or team events where players must band together to defeat an overarching enemy.

Recording and streaming such events is an excellent way to preserve an enjoyable community experience. Those who don’t get to attend often want to know how it was. 

Naturally, it’s also an excellent way to draw others into playing Fortnite and joining events. Many of these events are just a good way of socializing and making friends, and Fortnite has been known to host movie nights to this end. 

A final video idea along these lines would include live reactions to such events, where streamers and players record their responses to exciting events to share with their followers.

These usually rack up loads of views, too.

4. Fortnite Fails And Fortnite Wins

Just as humans get some inexplicable joy from watching other humans fail – whether at daily tasks, riding a bike, or simply slipping on ice – gamers and Fortnite fans also enjoy seeing such bloopers in-game.

Some of the most popular Fortnite-related content on the web relates to such instances.

Collecting or doing a montage about the funniest moments in Fortnite is a fantastic way to entertain viewers.

Edits, witty captions, and a popular soundtrack make these videos likable and hilarious. Fails can include players thinking they have managed a win or a special sneak attack, only to be ambushed – live reactions of surprise are hilarious.

Premiere Pro Video Editing Timeline

Other popular fails include accidental deaths, game glitches, or hysterical player interactions. It often has a hilarious outcome when things go unexpectedly wrong in-game.

Accidentally killing a teammate, missing shots, or failing due to lag are common fails that elicit a good reaction.

Additionally, new players making excuses for lack of skills ranks highly on the list of funny things to see. 

Conversely, videos about amazing wins or moments of good luck and skill are highly sought.

Compilations of gamers managing incredible trick shots, getting headshots from long distances or as reflex shots, or even completing difficult tasks and challenges make for highly entertaining watching. 

Supreme building skills and excellent strategies that result in surprise Battle Royale wins are also recommended if you want to rack up loads of views.

And along the same vein, competitions or battles with well-known YouTubers and gamers will naturally be equally popular. Some of the most-watched online videos are those where players manage a win with very low health scores. 

5. Fortnite Dances and Emotes

In the Fortnite game, emotes play a significant role. Emotes refer to quick dance moves or routines your player character can perform whenever you want.

These are based on real-life movements, and many are easily recognized from popular culture, current trends in the music and hip-hop industry, and even films. 

Emotes have become a popular topic and even gave rise to challenges in real life where youngsters had to learn the routines and perform them for others.

Some of the most watched videos relating to Fortnite have something to do with the emotes and dance styles from the game.

The first type of emote-related video pertains to where emotes originated or what professional dancers look like when they perform them.

It’s also a popular trend to record yourself trying the dance styles and steps – and again, fails and wins in this regard do well.

The second kind of video about emotes, and Fortnite dances are step-by-step guides to mastering the steps yourself.

This is useful for those who aren’t natural dancers but want to know how to re-enact the emotes they see in their game.

A tutorial video or tips and tricks to pulling off the moves will undoubtedly receive many views.

And, if you track your progress from your first steps to having mastered the dance, you have an even more amazing clip to share.

Final Thoughts On Fornite Video Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas on what to post on your Fortnite Youtube channel, consider some gameplay videos, weekly challenge guides, live event footage, funny fails or wins, and dance or emote tutorials. 

Posting a mix of content will help keep your viewers engaged and coming back for more. 

And don’t forget to have fun with it! If you’re not enjoying yourself, it’ll be hard to keep up with the demand for new videos. So get out there and start posting.

If you need help getting started, check out our guide on how to start a YouTube channel.

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