8 Best Grammarly Alternatives

Grammarly is a popular typing assistant designed to help users communicate confidently across different apps and devices. Grammarly suggests corrections to fix spelling, grammar, and punction mistakes. The app also suggests changes to improve clarity and engagement.

However, there are some limitations. So, if you are looking for a Grammarly alternative, here are your best options.

Grammarly Alternatives

ProWritingAid (Best Free Alternative)

If you’re looking for free software that’s sure to transform your writing, there’s no better option than ProWritingAid, one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

If you want to express your ideas with knowledge and confidence, you’ll love the easy-to-follow suggestions and explanations provided by ProWritingAid. 

With this robust app, you can check grammar, enhance your vocabulary, improve your style, and even attend live training events. ProWritingAid provides users with thousands and improvement ideas at the click of a button.

Like Grammarly, your writing suggestions will be delivered across different apps on your smartphone. 

Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Facebook, or Twitter, ProWritingAid will help you confidently express yourself.

Of course, this means you can get customized advice based on your writing. To start using ProWritingAid, you can register online and start reviewing suggestions to improve your writing.

WhiteSmoke (Best Paid Alternative)

WhiteSmoke is a paid Grammarly competitor that helps students and casual writers proofread their work expertly.

With WhiteSmoke, you can detect hundreds of errors – even some that would go undetected by competitors.

WhiteSmoke was rebuilt from the ground up to improve the layout and user experience to ensure you increase your efficiency.

Ultimately, the subscription plan you choose will determine which features you get. With the base package, you’ll get access to the grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and translator.

However, a Premium plan will allow you to proofread in one click and integrate the software with other writing platforms.

WhiteSmoke Business also gives businesses the same premium features with additional computer licenses, an extended warranty, and phone support.

When subscribing to a WhiteSmoke, you can select a yearly or three-year billing period. Once you’ve subscribed, you can use all these fantastic features to take your writing to the next level.

Sapling (Best Business Alternative)

If you’re looking for a Grammarly alternative that’s perfectly suited to professional and business uses, Sapling is the perfect writing software for your team.

Unlike many of the other Grammarly alternatives on this list, Sapling is geared towards messaging platforms and CRMs to provide real-time writing suggestions to help teams compose personalized and professional messages.

When compared to competitors, Sapling catches 60% more language and quality mistakes, which is thanks to an advanced machine learning system.

However, Sapling doesn’t just suggest edits; it provides you with quality scoring and error reports, which give you valuable insights on areas to improve.

There are also many other features to take your business to the next level. For instance, the Sapling Suggest feature will allow you to respond to more customers, while the Autocomplete Everywhere feature helps reduce response and handling time.

If you’re ready to increase your team’s writing efficiency, you should check out Sapling.

WordTune (Best Rewriting Alternative)

You’ll love what WordTune has to offer if you’re looking for an affordable copyediting tool that will help you refine and elevate your writing.

While the free version is somewhat limited, the paid version has even more features to love – like the ability to rewrite sentences according to certain style options. These options include casual, formal, and neutral. 

WordTune will also help you pick up on clumsy writing mistakes. As you rewrite with WordTune, you’ll start writing better and anticipating certain corrections.

Like Grammarly, you can use WordTune across different apps and writing platforms, with Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Gmail support. However, like Grammarly, WordTune is only available in English. 

Overall, WordTune will let you discover new ways to rephrase your writing and help you select the right tone to match your writing’s subject matter – regardless of whether you’re rewiring a sentence or a paragraph at a time.

You can even shorten or expand buttons in a few clicks for maximum efficiency! WordTune is also available for teams with the Premium For Teams plan.

GrammarLookup (Best Proofreader Alternative)

If you want to save time proofreading your text, you’ll love what GrammarLookup has to offer. Anybody can use GrammarLookup to make their writing easier to read and understand.

That’s because this app doesn’t just correct your spelling and punctuation; it checks for grammar errors and grammatically incorrect sentences. When you’re done, your document will be blunder-free.

For students and professional writers alike, GrammarLookup is their go-to free proofreading tool. As you use this service, you’ll learn from your mistakes and train yourself to avoid them.

GrammarLookup utilizes AI to check your writing to ensure it’s free of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and stylistic mistakes. Since this service is free forever, you can start using it today.

QuillBot (Best Plagiarism Checker Alternative)

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly writing assistant, you will love Quillbot’s features. With this AI-powered paraphrasing tool, you can seamlessly enhance your writing.

QuillBot offers two free modes and five premium modes to choose from, allowing you to rephrase your writing in numerous different ways to improve your fluency.

Overall, QuillBot will ensure your writing is fluent and has the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style. Regardless of what you’re writing, QuillBot will refine your text to your needs. You can define how much you want to change or keep the same!

QuillBot also has a comprehensive built-in plagiarism checker that provides clear and actional feedback to ensure proper authorship and citations.

Hemingway App (Best Advanced Alternative)

Hemingway App is a great app designed to make your writing bold and clear. If you’re looking for an advanced writing assistant that could rival Grammarly, you’ll love what Hemingway offers.

This app, which is well-suited to professional writers, will help you refine your writing. Your text will receive a readability score, much like Grammarly.

You can then edit your text to improve your score. You’ll be notified about unnecessary adverbs, the use of passive voice, and sentences that are hard to read.

The app will even let you know when there’s a simpler way to phrase something! Once you get the hang of using this app, you’ll start noticing the improved quality of your writing.

SentenceCheckup (Best Minimalist Alternative)

SentenceCheckup is a great online tool for those seeking a free, minimalist Grammarly alternative. With this online sentence checker, you’ll be able to correct your sentence structure, prevent run-on sentences, and avoid fragmented writing.

This simple editor gives you the tools you need to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors to improve your writing. 

Whether you’re writing an article or an academic essay, you can easily check your text with this thorough online editor.

Once you have written your text, you can click the checkup button to scan your text for any errors that need to be corrected.

If you decide to use Grammarly or one of these competing tools, you’ll be well on your way to writing 1000 words faster (and better) than you had before.

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