How Long Does It Take To Write 1000 Words?

Writing 1000 words might seem daunting, and perhaps you’re wondering how long it will take. The duration will depend greatly on what you’re writing about and your writing or typing speed. If a subject requires extensive research, this will add to your writing time.

It takes 25 minutes to type 1000 words, but this assumes knowledge of the subject and enough preparation that the words flow with little hesitation. Most people who need to write 1000 words on an essay subject take about 3 hours 20 minutes. This time includes research and revisions.

Writing 1000 words can flow quickly, and you can be done in under an hour, or you may have to think about every line carefully, such as if you’re writing an essay for college. However, there are ways to streamline your writing process to make it faster and easier.

How long will it take to write 1000 words?

When it comes to writing speed, how fast you can write or type will play a significant part.

Most adults type at an average speed of about 40 words per minute. Using this calculation, if you did not need to think about what you were writing and the words were flowing, you could type 1000 words in twenty-five minutes.

When writing by hand, most adults can copy words at a speed of about thirteen words per minute. In other circumstances, adults average five – twenty words a minute when writing by hand.

Certain types of writing allow you to write very fast, such as stenography when transcribing in court.

Stenography (also known as shorthand) allows writers to use symbols to represent sounds instead of letters; shorthand writers reach average speeds of 200 words per minute. If you were writing 1000 words using shorthand, you could be done in five minutes.

However, most of us are not transcribing work in shorthand, so let’s look at the other factors involved.

How Long Does It Take To Write 1000 Words

Can I write 1000 words in two hours?

If you have a 1000-word essay due for a project – a far more likely scenario – how long would it take you to write, and could you get your work done in under two hours?

This timeframe is entirely possible if you are fairly knowledgeable on the subject and only need your research to confirm facts and figures.

If you are going into writing on a complex subject that requires hours of diligent research, then two hours will not be enough time to write a 1000-word essay.

An opinion piece will be much faster to write compared to an in-depth article.

You will have to factor in the time needed to review and edit your work, even if you can write quickly and authoritatively on the topic. You can speed up the revision process using editorial software like Grammarly, but you should never rely on them completely.

When writing fiction, I find that if I already have a clear idea of what a scene is about and I’m “in the writing zone,” I can write 1000 words in about 40 minutes.

Can you write 1000 words in 3 hours?

Three hours is a more reasonable time frame for writing a 1000-word essay or article, including research, planning, typing, and revision. Again, this is provided you’re already familiar with the topic and can type at a reasonable speed.

The speed you read and your comprehension skills are big factors when researching.

If you’re a slow reader who takes several read-throughs to glean the relevant information versus a fast reader who can quickly skim a resource to pick the necessary information, writing your essay will take longer.

Another facet you might not have considered is your vocabulary. If you’re well-read with a larger vocabulary to draw on, writing will be faster as you won’t waste time looking up synonyms or the meanings of unfamiliar words.

You can take several steps to streamline writing your 1000-word essay, article, or blog post to make it easier and faster.

Some software tools and online resources can also help speed up your process, but they must be wisely used.

How long will it take to write a 1000-word essay?

For most people writing an essay complete with research time, writing time, and going over their work to review and correct it will take approximately three hours and twenty minutes.

A 1000-word essay is not an overwhelmingly long piece; if you break it up into steps, going piece by piece, you’ll find you’ll be done relatively easily.

Remember, you eat an elephant bite by bite, not in one go.

Typing At Night

How do you write a 1000-word essay in one night?

If you’ve left your essay to the last minute and now have work due for the next day and haven’t begun yet, don’t panic.

Break the process down to make it feel less distressing and more manageable.

  1. Create an outline — break the essay down into your introduction, body, and conclusion.
  2. Assuming your intro is 200 words and your conclusion is 100 words, that leaves 700 words for the body of your essay.
  3. Write your body first.
  4. Using the essay topic as your guide, brainstorm 4-5 subtopics. These will make up the body, and you’ll need to write 150-200 words on each subtopic.
  5. Making a long list of subtopics can help you if you get stuck.
  6. Subtopics should develop on your main theme by breaking down the topic or asking questions related to the field in which you’re writing.
  7. Start each paragraph with the main sentence, and write 3-5 supporting sentences.
  8. When you’re done, you’ll have enough information on hand to help you write your introduction paragraphs.
  9. Sum up your findings in your conclusion.
  10. Annotate your essay with your resources as necessary.

Once you’ve finished your first draft, read through your work for cohesion and correct any issues or inaccuracies.

If you are happy with all the details and the order of your subtopics and paragraphs, and the essay flows well, you will do a final proofreading pass to catch any grammatical and spelling errors.

This can be used for essays, but you can follow the same path if you want to start a blog and are unsure how to start writing.

Typing On A Laptop

Tools and Resources for Writing 1000 Words

While writing, there are a few tools freely available that you can use to help you.

For coming up with subtopics on your main topic, you want your subtopics to enhance the topic and be relevant.

Subtopics are how to organize your essay into smaller, more digestible chunks.

Your research into the topic will help you come up with suitable subtopics.

It will be useful to have a thesaurus/dictionary for synonyms and definitions for writing and revising. I’ve found Word Hippo to be an excellent online tool.

If you’re working in Word, you likely have your spelling and grammar check enabled. You can also run your final piece through an app like Grammarly or

Once satisfied with your 1000-word piece, you may want to ensure it passes any plagiarism checks.

Plagiarism Detector will scan pieces of writing of 1000 words at no charge.


You can write 1000 words in twenty-five minutes, but this does not include research, outlining, and revision and assumes you have a typing speed of 40 words/hour and are familiar with the topic.

The average 1000-word essay takes about three hours and twenty minutes to write.

You can improve your speed by outlining your topic and breaking it into relevant subtopics.

This focus helps guide you so that you waste less time writing irrelevant paragraphs.

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