How To Sign Up For Social Networks Without Using Your Phone Number

Are you afraid of sharing your personal phone number on social media accounts? Looking for a new way to sign up for social media without a phone number?

Maintaining privacy on social media has been challenging, and it can lead to many cyber problems. Many platforms require a phone number for verification, raising concerns about unwanted calls and solicitations. 

Several methods exist to sign up for social media accounts without entering your phone number. This blog will provide you with a guide on how to sign up for social media accounts without using your phone number. 

Put an end to privacy concerns and take control of your online presence. Let’s dive in!

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Reasons Social Media Accounts Require Phone Numbers

Security is of utmost importance to social platforms. There are several reasons why Social media platforms often require users to provide their phone numbers:

  • Verification of identity: phone numbers are the main proof of identity verification. It is the legitimate proof of account verification. It helps social media ensure people are not creating fake and spam accounts on their platforms.
  • Recovery of lost accounts: If you lost an account or forgot your password, a phone number linked to your social media account provides a way to recover it. The social media platform will provide a code or password reset link so users can reset their password.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): A phone number provides enhanced security measures to protect users’ online information. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to protect your accounts from unauthorized access. Having a phone number on a social media platform helps to receive 2FA codes and permissions through SMS, making it harder for unauthorized access. 
  • Contact and Notifications: Social media sends important notifications about news updates to the users in their phone numbers. Their messages may include notifications of account activity, new friends, and important messages.
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Why do Some People Hesitate to Register on Social Media with Their Personal Number?

Many individuals hesitate to register with their personal phone numbers for various valid concerns on social media platforms. Privacy is one of these concerns; users fear that their phone numbers may be disseminated or exploited for targeted advertising, potentially undermining their privacy.

Another significant concern is security, as sharing a phone number exposes individuals to hacking, phishing, and other malicious activities. A phone number linked to a social media account can increase the risk of unwanted contact, such as spam or harassment. 

Benefits of using Social Media Account Without a Phone Number

There are several benefits to using a social media account without linking it to a phone number. Some of the key benefits include: 

  • Privacy: You’ll have privacy by not sharing your personal phone number on different social media platforms. Phone numbers are personal identifiers, and not providing them reduces the risk of others knowing it.
  • Get rid of Spam calls and texts: By avoiding public platforms like social media, you are less likely to receive spam calls and texts. It will help you to keep your communication channel clear. 
  • Reduced Tracking: social media can track your personal information, preferences, and sensitive information through phone numbers. Not providing numbers on social media can limit advertisements and reduce tracking. 
  • Separation of Personal and Online Identity: Using virtual numbers and emails or separating personal phones from social media can distinguish your personal life and online presence. 
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How To Sign Up To Social Networks Without Using Your Personal Phone Number

You can implement several methods to sign up for social media accounts without using a personal phone number. Some of the effective methods to sign up for social media are given below: 

Method 1: Create an account using email instead of a phone number

You can use your email account to verify your identity as an alternative to signing up for social media accounts. While signing up or creating an account for a social media account, you can enter your email address and get the verification code. 

You can follow the steps to create a social media account with an email address. 

  1. Go to the social media platform website and create an account
  2. Enter your name, age, and email address 
  3. Your activation code will be sent to your email address.
  4. Enter the code and verify your account. 

Verifying a user’s identity via email is a simple and effective way to verify their account. Email verification requires users to enter their email addresses.

A link or code is then sent to the email address provided by the user. To confirm their email, click the activation link or enter the code. Upon successful verification, users can utilize the platform fully. 

How to set up an email account if you don’t have one

If you don’t have an email account, you can easily create a new one. Here are some of the steps to follow to set up a new email account: 

  1. Choose an email service provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and iCloud. 
  2. Visit the provider’s website and click Sign up.
  3. Fill out the registration form, including first and last name, desired email address, Date of birth, gender, and more. 
  4. Agree to terms and privacy policy
  5. Complete the captcha and verify your email.

Method 2: Use virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers are Voice over IP (VoIP) numbers that can make or receive calls over the Internet over cloud computing. It is the most reliable way to sign up for social media without your personal phone number. You can find a variety of virtual number providers online.

With 5 simple steps, you can effortlessly buy a virtual phone number for social media; 

  1. Choose a trustworthy virtual number provider.
  2. Log in to your dashboard after signing up
  3. Choose your preferred country
  4. Make your payment and choose the number
  5. Submit  the necessary documentation for verification

There are many virtual phone number providers in the market. Among them, KrispCall is one of the best ways to verify your social media accounts from anywhere securely. From various providers, you can get virtual number for WhatsApp, Facebook, Venmo, Uber, Telegram, and other social media. 

Method 3: Use the phone number of family or friends

Using family or friends’ numbers is another easy way to use as an alternative to a phone number for Social media. You can use their phone number if your friend doesn’t have a social media account you want to create. It is necessary to obtain their permission before creating a social media account using their number. 

However, your information will remain private and secure, but it may compromise their privacy and security. When using their number, you should keep their privacy in mind.

Many social networks are increasing their privacy steps and allowing users to have added privacy as well; on Facebook, for example, you can prevent people from tagging you and even hide the number of likes on posts.

Method 4: Use Temporary or disposable phone numbers

If you do not want to use your personal or VoIP number for social media, temporary phone numbers are the best alternative. There are websites on the web that provide temporary numbers for OTP verification codes. 

You can generate phone numbers in many countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, France, Netherlands, etc. You can choose the preferred number and enter it while signing up for Uber.

Temporary phone numbers can be an optional alternative. However, you cannot fully rely on them. Social media platforms may reject numbers from unreliable number generator sites, so make sure the temporary number provider is reliable, and the platform accepts the numbers.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you know the methods that allow you to maintain control over your online presence and avoid privacy concerns. Privacy and security is a big concern on social media nowadays, and it is one of the effective methods to prevent it. 

The above alternative methods outlined in this blog allow you to sign up for social media accounts without needing a phone number. Enjoy a more private and secure online experience by signing up for social media accounts without sharing your phone number.


Is it possible to create a social media account without providing a phone number?

Creating a social media account without a phone number is possible. Social media platforms allow users to sign up using alternative methods like email addresses, virtual phone numbers, etc.

Why do some platforms request my phone number during sign-up?

The purpose of some platforms to request phone numbers during sign-up is to verify the user’s identity, ensure the account’s security, and facilitate account recovery.

Can I add a phone number to my account later for security purposes?

Many social media platforms allow you to add a phone number to your account for added security or account recovery.

What are some alternative methods for account recovery if I don’t use a phone number?

Use a virtual phone number or email for verification, a friend or family member’s number, or a temporary phone number.

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