Morning Routine Ideas: 12 Ways To Start Your Day

While you may not necessarily consider yourself a morning person, there are many advantages to adopting a good morning routine.

Your energy level will be up, you’ll feel less anxious, and your productivity levels will be significantly boosted.

By starting your day with a morning routine, you can ensure you feel your best throughout the day.

Morning Routine Ideas

1. Don’t Hit Snooze

The best way to start your morning routine is by getting up on time. Naturally, that means you shouldn’t hit the snooze button.

However, there’s a reason you should avoid hitting snooze. Ultimately, the fragmented sleep you get between hitting the snooze button isn’t productive sleep, which means you’re not reaping any benefits. 

You could even negatively impact the rest of your day by hitting the snooze button.

By becoming friendly with the snooze button, you risk oversleeping or throwing off your body’s internal clock and sleep cycle.

In turn, this will make you feel tired and groggy throughout the day.

To ensure you have enough energy to get through the day, you should get us when your alarm goes off.

2. Make A Cup Of Tea

Did you know there are many benefits to starting your morning with a cup of tea? When compared to starting your day with a coffee, it’s clear that tea has less caffeine.

While most teas have less than half the caffeine found in coffee, there are any herbal blends without caffeine. Herbal blends can also help soothe your digestive system.

Many teas are also rich in antioxidants, which help keep us young.

Many studies have reflected that tea can help boost the immune system, which can help keep your immune system strong following any illness or injury.

Finally, tea is a fantastic morning beverage because it is calorie-free! With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to start your day with some tea?

Making Tea

3. Avoid Using Your Phone

For many people, their first instinct after waking up is to reach for their phone to scroll through social media, check the news, and even complete the Wordle.

However, this can negatively affect how you wake up. When we first wake up, our brains switch from a deep sleep state to a daydreaming state before we fully wake up.

However, by reaching for your phone first thing, you force your brain to immediately switch from a deep sleep state to a fully awake state.

Ultimately, this prepares your brain to be distracted. Instead, this daydreaming state should be used to practice mindfulness or reflect on your upcoming day.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Instead of using our phones as soon as we wake up, we should start our day with a purpose.

Practicing mindfulness after waking up can set an intention for the day. Since our unconscious brain is responsible for decision-making, practicing mindfulness can help you align your mind’s conscious and unconscious parts.

Now, you might be wondering how to practice mindfulness in the morning.

After waking up, you can sit in your bed or on a chair and take a few deep breaths. You can then ask yourself what your intentions are for the upcoming day.

Your daily intention should reflect what’s most important to you.

5. Read Something Inspirational

As we’ve established, your morning habits determine your daily energy and productivity levels.

Reading something inspirational in the mornings is a great way to get into the right headspace for the day.

Luckily, there are many fantastic books to read in the morning for a calm and positive start to your day, including “My Morning Routine” by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander.

It doesn’t need to be as long as a book, though; a short good morning quote can be all you need to put your mind in the right state.

6. Do Some Exercise

You can reap many health benefits by adding exercise to your morning routine.

However, this is also highly recommended for those who struggle to stick to routines. By incorporating a workout into your morning routine, you’ll better adapt to your new morning routine.

Morning workouts will also help you avoid your phone and other distractions.

You might be surprised that a morning workout will boost your metabolism and help you make healthier daily choices.

You will also feel mentally recharged and ready for the day.

7. Prepare A Healthy Breakfast

While many people skip breakfast, it’s one of the most important aspects of a morning routine.

After all, breakfast helps us replenish our energy and nutrient stores. We are losing valuable fiber, vitamins, and minerals by skipping breakfast.

Breakfast will help you get sufficient vitamins and minerals and meet the recommended daily intake. You’ll also notice increased energy levels.

When you don’t eat breakfast, you’re bound to struggle to focus on your work throughout the day.

8. Focus On Self Care Needs

After you prepare a healthy breakfast, you can focus on your self-care needs. How you use your morning self-care time is up to you.

While some people like walking, others prefer reading or listening to an engaging podcast.

You can even call a friend to catch up or belt your favorite songs in the shower.

Some daily self-care in the morning is sure to improve your mood.

9. Review Your To-Do List

Reviewing your to-do list is another great addition to any morning routine. Ultimately, this will help ensure you remain in control of your schedule and calendar.

You can use this time in your morning to tie up loose ends, ensure your to-do list is up to date, and even reflect on tasks you’ve completed in the previous week.

10. Stay Hydrated

For the perfect morning routine, you should stay sufficiently hydrated.

Drinking water after you wake up helps you rehydrate your body and boost your mental performance.

However, drinking water before you eat breakfast will even reduce your overall calorie intake for the day.

There are many other benefits you’ll start to notice, including improved skin health.

11. Get Enough Rest At Night

Perhaps the most important part of your morning routine doesn’t even occur in the morning. Of course, we’re talking about getting enough sleep at night.

To wake up early and repeat your new morning routine, you must get enough rest at night. You’ll notice many other benefits by ensuring you get enough rest.

Sufficient rest will help you stay at a healthy weight, prevent you from getting sick, reduce your stress levels, and improve your overall mood.

Failure to get enough sleep will throw off your new routine and disrupt your internal body clock regulating sleep.

So, if you want to commit to a morning routine, commit to a bedtime.

12. Stick To Your Routine

To benefit from a morning routine, you need to stick to it. After all, it wouldn’t be a routine otherwise.

By crafting a routine that works for you and sticking to it, you can help set a positive tone for each day that allows you to feel fresh and focused.

Using these ideas to create a morning routine, you can boost your overall productivity and take control of your daily schedule.

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