10 Best Sims 4 YouTubers To Watch

Playing The Sims can be a significant time sink. If you’re meticulous about creating houses or the appearance of your Sims, you may spend upwards of an hour putting everything up before letting the simulation begin.

You may, however, watch some of the best Sims 4 YouTubers if you are short on time or want a taste of the game before buying it. So, who are some of the most exciting Sims 4 YouTubers?

Best Sims 4 Youtubers

1. Lilsimsie

Lilsimsie Is One Of The Best Sims 4 Youtubers

Kayla Sims, also known as Lilsimsie on Twitch and YouTube, is a theatrical nerd who speaks at breakneck speed and is an extraordinarily accomplished Sims creator. I’m a big fan of Lilsimsie. Her energy is contagious.

Following her grow up is part of the fascination; many of her biggest fans have watched her since her final year of high school and her first year of college.

Her blue suburban homes are likewise beautifully detailed, even down to the mess in each room.

As a result, her huge fan base and their Sims 4 houses have become considerably more ambitious since studying her Builder’s Basics course.

She has several entertaining series, including one in which her Sim’s fate is determined by random number generation. Still, she also occasionally uploads films that are just the consequence of something strange happening in her game. 

For example, she once posted a video showing what occurred when she left her game unpaused overnight. Admittedly, it’s not a good experiment, but her commentary is amusing.

As a result, Lilsimsie is a must-watch YouTube channel for lovers of outrageous Sims shenanigans and high-quality creations. Furthermore, Lilsimsie frequently attempts community challenges, such as the 100 babies challenge, but she also balances things out with less goofy stuff.

She regularly uploads to YouTube and has over a million subscribers on her channel. She also plays The Sims 4 live and streams it on Twitch.

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2. James Turner

James Turner's Youtube Channel

One of the most endearing aspects of James Turner‘s channel is that he refuses to participate in challenges created by others. He creates his own.

In his long-running Super Sim 4 series, he attempts to teach a single Sim every ability in the game, complete all collections and attain every Aspiration.

It’s a difficult task. Turner, like Lilsimsie, is a prolific builder; however, he prefers contemporary architecture.

Many fans appreciate Turner’s refreshingly candid perspective on the game, especially when The Sims 4 isn’t performing well.

Turner has been creating Sims material on YouTube from nearly the beginning. He posted his first video on YouTube 13 years ago. The content since then has only improved, and he now uploads almost daily.

His video on “My First Pet Stuff,” a Stuff Pack that sparked debate in the community due to its shoddy furnishings, is hilarious and entertaining while pointing out the flaws. 

His curiosity about how the game has evolved has also resulted in some intriguing interviews with Sims devs. In addition, it was also an excellent contrast between how the game was first released in 2014 and how it currently plays.

3. Deligracy

Deligracy's Youtube Channel

While Deligracy is an excellent builder, her challenge series is her channel’s crowning achievement. In her Orphanage Challenge series, she provides a detailed history inspired by Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, which adds to the intrigue of her series.

Deligracy’s narrative concepts demonstrate the wide range of stories that may be told using The Sims 4. For example, she plays the game with practically every occult Sim in her Orphanage Challenge series, creating a cacophonous mansion of vampires and ghost children.

She also found in this series that you can have a baby with a ghost, which I believe is worth the price of admission.

In Deligracy’s most famous video, she designs her ideal house in The Sims 4’s engine – and she’s constructed many remarkable residences over the years.

Her “Amazing Forest Pool House” is one of the most elaborate Sims 4 designs ever created.

Deligracy, based in Australia, has over a million subscribers owing to her high level of gameplay in The Sims 4 series, but it’s not the only Sims run she enjoys. Deligracy also uploads and streams The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 content.

4. Kelsey Impicciche

Kelsey Impicciche's Youtube Channel

Kelsey Impicciche not only streams Sims 4 but also hosts Buzzfeed Multiplayer.

As a result, the Sims 4 becomes less of a life simulator and more of an off-the-wall experience with emcee Kelsey Impicciche behind the computer. Impicciche is frequently put in unusual and unexpected circumstances.

Of course, the series is produced by the massive firm Buzzfeed, but that should not deter viewers from this high-quality entertainment.

On the other hand, her primary channel is not linked with Buzzfeed Multiplayer and is Kelsey Impicciche’s personal channel. She previews the latest additions and participates in IRL The Sims content here.

Kelsey enjoys dressing up in The Sims clothes and baking cakes as if she were a Sim character for live-action shows. It seems strange, and it is, but it is also hilarious on purpose.

5. Keeyuh

Keeyuh's Youtube Channel

Keeyuh refers to herself as “the loudmouth gamer,” which is a fitting title. The girl is really vocal. Seeing Keeyuh play games is like hanging out with an exceptional buddy. She squeals, shouts, and is always ready with an intelligent remark when things go awry. 

Her shock at one of her Sims dying unexpectedly due to a “Cardiac EXPLOSION???” drew attention from both Sims players and nongamers.

Sims gamers understood the shock and anguish of losing a beloved Sim. Those who had never heard of or played the Sims before were immediately enthralled.

Not only that, but Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital distribution network for acquiring and playing video games, observed an increase in Sims 4 purchases after the video went viral. Olivia’s (one of her sims’) death drew a flood of new Sims players into the life-simulation game. Olivia even has her own Instagram account.

Keeyuh reminds many fans of Quen Blackwell, a Vine sensation turned wannabe singer who never met a calm moment that didn’t call for a loud outburst.

Keeyuh has recently begun a 100 Baby Challenge, which many fans are thrilled about.

6. Pixelade

Pixelade's Youtube Channel

Matthew Giordano, also known as Pixelade on YouTube, is a Sims YouTuber who focuses on games in The Sims franchise. He is also a Game Changer for EA. One of his best videos was part of his Not So Berry Challenge series.

Pixelade is a Simmer who thrives on drama, which is ideal for his Let’s Play series.

Given how much of the gameplay is spent going to the restroom and eating, I find it challenging to create intriguing narrative video footage with The Sims.

However, Pixelade’s hyperactive imagination often discovers controversy in the most commonplace of situations.

Pixelade creates an entire tale about anti-mermaid prejudice and a covert mermaid resistance when his Not So Berry protagonist introduces herself to her coworker at her scientific job.

7. LaurenzSide

Laurenzside's Youtube Channel

Lauren (aka LaurenzSide) is a comedic Sims YouTuber from the U.S. that started her channel in 2007. She has the most subscribers of any Sims YouTuber on this list, and for a good reason. 

After taking a break to go to college, she returned in 2013 to continue entertaining her followers with her gaming playthroughs and reaction videos.

Harry Potter fans especially loved her re-designs of Harry Potter characters, which were inspired by the release of Sims 4: Realm of Magic.

Videos on LaurenzSide’s channel include Sims 4 content, Minecraft, spooky challenges, and random things she’s tried (e.g., bleaching her hair and eating canned bread).

Her popularity skyrocketed further when she appeared on the reality TV show Secret Saboteurs, which viewers can enjoy on her YouTube platform. 

If you’ve got time, then you will enjoy LaurenzSide’s content since it is often lengthy videos, but it is always interesting, funny, and entertaining. If you like her channel, make sure to check out her LaurenzLIVEside and LaurenzOtherSide channels as well.

8. Call Me Kevin

Call Me Kevin's Youtube Channel

Call Me Kevin is a high-quality Sims 4 YouTube channel that Kevin O’Reilly hosts. He is known for offering a variety of Sims 4 videos and other stand-up comedy content, skits, and music covers.

Kevin’s videos will often focus on funny moments during gameplay. For example, he will annoy people, cause chaos, or break his game. This humorous element to his channel is what attracts people most. 

This channel’s most unique content is the Sims 4 With Jim Pickens, a free-to-watch web series.

It features Kevin’s made-up character, Jim Pickens, that goes through many different family tree arrangements in the game and is considered a bit of a madman by everyone in the Sim world.

Jim Pickens creates several clubs and finds himself locking other sims in places where they cease to escape. 

The Sims 4 with Jim Pickens series also includes other beloved characters such as Shrek and Grim Reaper. It is worth mentioning that this series is rated PG-13 because of foul language and bloody scenes.

9. Clare Siobhán

Clare Siobhan's Youtube Channel

Clare Siobhán is a British YouTuber that offers viewers various content on her channel, including Sims 4 videos. Many would agree that she is one of the most popular Sims 4 game players on YouTube. 

Her videos are mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults, yet some content might include mention of more adult topics like relationships, alcohol, etc.

Clare uploads daily videos to her channel, making it rich in content, including gameplay and challenges. She also posts personal news and updates, like her recent pregnancy (September 2022).

Fans love that Clare’s videos are often based on real life, featuring the sim-version of her fiancé Ali Aiken. Together they have an entire legacy of five generations of Sims.

She is an excellent YouTuber to follow if you are also interested in games like Rise Of The Tomb Raider and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

10. Plumbella

Plumbella's Youtube Channel

Jess McNamara (aka Plumbella) is an English Sims YouTuber who creates some of the most analytical yet humorous videos. Viewers love her honest and detailed reviews of Sims 4 game features, game challenges, and her “The Entire History of…” series

Plumbella regularly uploads Sims 4 videos, mainly focusing on challenges the Sims community comes up with for her.

This content is already exciting and engaging to watch, but her lovable personality and sharp sense of humor make it even more entertaining.

On a more personal level, Plumbella has gained much respect from her followers after admitting on Twitter that she has Autism. She is an inspiration to many and will hopefully soon reach 1 million subscribers. 

Plumbella also has three other YouTube channels worth following: Plumbella Streams, Plumbella Variety, and Plumbella Shorts

Final Thoughts On The Best Sims 4 YouTubers

When it comes to the best Sims 4 YouTubers, there is no definitive answer.

Everyone has their own preferences, and what entertains them may not entertain someone else. However, we have provided a list of some of the most popular and well-loved Sims 4 content creators for you to check out.

As we covered in our rundown of the best Clash Royale YouTube channels, the YouTube platform is so popular that you can learn about anything.


Who Is The Best Sims 4 YouTuber?

The best Sims 4 YouTubers are Lilsimsie, James Turner, Deligracy, Kelsey Impicciche, Keeyuh, Pixelade, LaurenzSide, Call Me Kevin, Clare Siobhan, and Plumbella.

Are There Any Good Male Sims 4 YouTubers?

Yes, James Turner is one of the best Sims 4 YouTubers out there, irrelevant of gender. While this is a niche that tends to be better covered by females, there are some great male YouTubers that also cover the Sims.

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