12 Best Tweetdeck Alternatives

With over 50 Tweetdeck alternatives finding a social media management app that is compatible with all your devices, efficient, and offers value for money can be a long and daunting process.

So, if you are actively searching for the best Tweetdeck alternatives that tick all those boxes – read on.

Tweetdeck Alternatives

Best Paid Tweetdeck Alternatives

While the following top Tweetdeck alternatives are not free of charge, they offer a great return on your investment, especially if you manage various social media accounts in addition to Twitter.


Hootsuite is a leading social media management app that lets you craft and schedule posts, manage customer messages, and view analytics. And the Hootsuite app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

You can choose between monthly paid subscription plans ranging from $49 per user to manage ten social media accounts on the professional package to $739 for five users and 35 accounts on the business package.

And Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial.

If all of that seems like a bit much, though, many Hootsuite alternatives provide some features that Hootsuite also has for a fraction of the price.


Buffer is like Hootsuite; it allows you to manage your social media accounts via its dashboard.

However, their subscription fees are far more affordable, and you have the cost-effective option of using a free Buffer account.

With the Buffer free account, you can manage up to three social media profiles, and you are only restricted to 10 posts per account. However, even though Buffer does support Twitter, you will need business profiles for the likes of TikTok and Instagram.

In stark contrast, the Buffer Essentials plan is $5 per month for each social media account, and you can opt for as many as you want if you are prepared to pay for each account.

And you will be able to schedule up to 2000 posts on every account.

Best Free Tweetdeck Alternatives

Suppose you are looking for a basic social media app that won’t max your credit card.

In that case, the following straightforward and user-friendly apps are ideal.


Tweeten is an excellent alternative for users who favor standalone desktop client apps instead of web apps like TweetDeck. And, to sweeten the deal – it’s a free app.

It’s compatible with macOS and Windows. You can download Tweeten as a desktop app or install it as a Google Chrome browser extension if needed.

And apart from being free, the app’s interface is like TweetDeck. So, you will instantly recognize the user-friendly columns layout with added features like scheduling tweets, a GIF search function, muting or filtering options, and video download capabilities.


While Tweetduck is also a free desktop app, it is customizable.

Thus, you can personalize its design and functionality, and it has many additional features, like taking tweet screenshots, adding emojis, and pasting clipboard images.

The Tweetdeck popup notifications have great new features, with enhanced dual-monitor support and editable CSS functionality. And the best part is that it won’t cost you a dime.

Best Tweetdeck Alternatives For Mac Users

The announcement that TweetDeck for Mac would be shut down earlier this year caught a lot of people off guard.

Twitter for Mac

While Twitter for Mac is certainly not an advanced social media management platform.

It is perfectly fine if you want to read, or respond to a few tweets, send a direct message, or search for information. And for some users, that’s all they need.


Twitterrific ups the ante, even though it’s so hard to spell! It is far more aesthetically pleasing compared with Twitter’s official app and ideal if you have multiple accounts with differing timelines.

Furthermore, it’s fantastic as you don’t have to consistently switch between your various Twitter accounts.

This stunning app, custom designed by Icon Factory, is free on all iOS smartphones. The Mac purchase price is a mere $7.99, which is worth it if you consider all its perks in managing several accounts.

Best Tweetdeck Alternatives For Social Media Management

Sprout Social

Sprout Social, founded in 2010, is one of the most prominent social media management apps.

It has supported leading global companies to streamline their social media marketing campaigns, improve their customer support on social media channels, and aid their community-building efforts.

You can use a 30-day free Sprout Social trial to test-run their paid subscription options ranging in price from $80 per user for the standard package to $249 per month for the advanced package.


Sociality.io  partners with marketing professionals to efficiently manage their company’s brand on various social media platforms.

Their key focus is on helping business to connect with their social media target market, collaborate in real-time, improve publishing workflows, and utilize social media data to foster valuable marketing insights.

So, if that sounds great, opt for a free 14-day trial.


Agorapulse is yet another excellent alternative to Tweetdeck. It includes a social media inbox, team collaboration tools, reporting, and publishing support.

So, you can easily manage all your social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

The central inbox is convenient as you can manage all your social media comments and reviews. While the publishing feature allows you to create and pre-schedule posts on various social media platforms.

Other significant benefits include thought-provoking social media analytics reports to gauge your success level or change course if needed. And the Agorapulse social listening feature provides insightful data on current social media trends and competitors.

Most importantly you will be able to access up to five free tools like a Twitter Report Card, Facebook Barometer, and Timeline Contest, including Easy Advocacy.

So, if that offering piques your interest, opt for a 30-day free trial to see if it can work for you and your business, as you have nothing to lose.


Sendible is another worthy contender as a Tweetdeck alternative, especially for marketers and agencies who want to up their game on social media platforms.

While Sendible is predominantly used as a productivity tool for social media management agencies as it saves a lot of valuable time, it is ideal for any business looking for a centralized social media management hub, especially for business owners who manage several brands or various platforms.

Apart from automating and monitoring your social media engagements, Sendible also includes reporting and publishing features.

As a result, it can support you in increasing your followers, driving interactions, and kickstarting impactful conversations.

So, if you work in an agency, check out the Sendible pricing structure, or use the free 14-day trial to gauge whether it will add value to your business.

Best Tweetdeck Alternative For Global Companies


What sets MavSocial apart from its competitors is that they are one of the few social media management solutions platforms that cater to global business in multiple locations.

MavSocial offers standard social media management services like a centralized platform, reviews, publishing, engagement, and advertising support.

However, unlike most social management software platforms, they excel in creating location-specific targeted social media ads on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, and Google Business Profiles.

Therefore, should your business have a global footprint MavSocial is an excellent alternative to Tweetdeck, especially if you need social media marketing experts for foreign countries.

Best Tweetdeck Alternative For The Financial Sector

Denim Social

Denim Social distinguishes itself from other social media management automation companies, mainly focusing on empowering marketers in regulated industries. Like wealth management, banking, mortgage, and insurance to manage their organic content.

So, suppose you work in the financial sector. The ABA-endorsed Denim Social is a fantastic alternative to Tweetdeck if you want to deepen your relationships with your target audience and amplify your brand on all social media platforms.

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