What Does NFS Mean On Instagram?

Social media is a world of its own in many ways, especially regarding the language people use. Sometimes the slang can get out of hand. Some slang could be next to impossible to determine whether you’re a new or existing user. Like if someone comments Smt, CFS, or NFS. So, what does NFS mean on Instagram?

NFS always meant “Not For Sale” on Instagram. Now, NFS also means national food and safety, need for speed, no filter Sunday, no filter squad, no filter story, no followers syndrome, not following specified, not feeling sober, not for sure, not feeling social, not for sharing, and no funny s**t.

You may have encountered the acronym NFS if you love conversing on Instagram. Let’s look at when this acronym is used on Instagram and in what context.

Nfs On Instagram

The Meaning Of NFS On Instagram

Each social media app is unique and has different online communities, and at some point or another, users will generate their acronyms and slang (none more so than that social media app with a ghost logo). 

These terms can become popular and trend on social media, and it will seem like it’s everywhere you look! 

It can become frustrating when conversing on Instagram and you receive a comment using slag. Don’t panic! “NFS” is one of the most popular used slang on Instagram, and there are many variations; It’s all about context.

NFS As A Way To State “Not For Sale”

A Watch That Is Not For Sale

The first time NFS was used on Instagram, business accounts mostly used it for advertising certain items or products that were exclusively not for sale

This acronym made it much easier for businesses and advertisers to mention that a specific product can’t be bought or ordered. 

When you see a business page on Instagram using this term, you can see it indicating that it means “Not For Sale.” 

However, if you’re somebody who regularly browses business pages on Instagram or a business owner, you may already be well aware of this meaning and may be looking to expand your knowledge.

NFS When Used In Food Industry As National Food And Safety

Many businesses in the food industry have Instagram pages to advertise themselves to existing and new potential clients. 

They will often use NFS as a hashtag to show their followers and clients that they focus on staying up to date with the latest food and safety regulations in their restaurant.

NFS Meaning “Need For Speed” On Gaming Pages

Blue Car In Need For Speed

“Need For Speed” is another common meaning of the acronym NFS on Instagram, and it is most commonly used in the gaming world. Most of us are aware of the game called Need For Speed, and users will shorten it for convenience if this game is discussed. 

Additionally, suppose somebody is discussing a specific car with you in the comments. In that case, they may also be referring to speed if they use this acronym if they are not referring to the game itself.

NFS As A Way To State “No Filter Sunday”

Another meaning of this common acronym would be to state “No Filter Sunday.” 

If somebody posts a selfie or photo of themselves, specifically on a Sunday, without photoshopping it or adding an Instagram filter, they would use this as a hashtag or add it as their caption. 

This is a way of expressing that the person feels comfortable in their skin and doesn’t see the need for adding a filter.

NFS As “No Filter Squad” When Posting A Picture With Friends

NFS is usually used as a hashtag when a group of friends posts a photo together. Although they could also use it as the caption, the hashtag would encourage them to gain more followers on Instagram. 

This is their way of saying that the friend group does not care about their appearance, believes they are the ideal and perfect group, and doesn’t need a filter on Instagram to look better.

NFS When Used In Instagram Stories As A “No Filter Story”

This meaning is quite similar to the previous two, but usually, it would be used as a reference to a user’s Instagram Story. 

This will mean that the person has not used any filters, editing, or photoshop effects on their video or photo, on their story.

NFS When Used As “No Followers Syndrome”

In this modern society, some people become so obsessed and focused on gaining more followers on Instagram that they forget that Instagram is used to connect with friends and enjoy the experience along the way. 

When you notice one of your friend’s posts, and they use this as a hashtag along with the meaning, it will usually mean that they are no longer interested in gaining a large number of followers and want to post pictures to have fun.

NFS As An Indication Of “Not Following Specified”

NFS could also mean “Not Following Specified.” On Instagram, this will mean that you may be following somebody, but they aren’t following you back. 

This is an important feature for Instagram influencers, as they can monitor who follows them back and whether they want to continue following the account or unfollow them.

NFS As An Indication That Somebody Is “Not Feeling Sober”

NFS is very popular among younger adults and teenagers, usually in a social setting or during an event. 

They would use this as a caption or hashtag, indicating that the photo was taken or the post was made when they have had too much to drink and are not feeling sober anymore.

NFS When A User Is “Not For Sure”

Teenagers are the culprit with this one, again. They love to shorten words to the point where they are almost not understandable. You would often see this as a reply in Instagram’s comment section, as a way to reply to a question. 

It would then mean that the user is unsure about something or needs more time to think about what they want to answer.

NFS When Somebody Is “Not Feeling Social”

NFS is a good way to express to your Instagram followers that you are not in the mood to be around people or to converse with them. 

If you see somebody using this acronym, which a negative photo or caption could often follow, it would be best not to talk with them until further notice.

NFS When An Instagram Post Is “Not For Sharing”

This meaning is self-explanatory; it means that the user doesn’t want to share what they are talking about or what the underlying meaning of their post is. 

It could be a piece of information, a video, or even a regular post or story on Instagram.

Alternatively, this could also be a very simple meaning where the user just doesn’t want to share whatever they have… often food, candy, chocolate, etc.

Woman With A Packet Of Sweets

NFS Is Used As Humor Or Insult And Means “No Funny S**T”

The last variation we will discuss of NFS on Instagram would be when it is used in DM’s. 

When replying to a message on Instagram, the person may become bored with the discussion or wants to signal to you to end the jokes. 

They will use NFS to say, “No Funny S**t,” either in a humorous way or as an insult. Whether this acronym is meant as a joke or an insult, it would be best to stop the discussion there.

Final Thoughts On What NFS Means

No matter what your reasons are for looking up the meaning of NFS on Instagram, it’s always better to know these trending acronyms for when somebody comments on your posts or DMs you this acronym as a form of communication. 

Either way, the meanings mentioned are some of the most commonly used variations of NFS on Instagram.

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