16 Famous Roblox YouTubers To Watch

Roblox has grown in fame in recent years, thanks to a surge of streamers generating content online, even though it has been there since 2006.

Several YouTubers have gained popularity due to their Roblox activity, with millions of subscribers sinking their teeth into the almost unlimited content available today.

With that in mind, who are some of the most famous Roblox YouTubers?

1. DanTDM

Dantdm's Youtube Channel

DanTDM is a YouTuber with over 26 million subscribers. Though his content isn’t just focused on Roblox, most of it is Roblox-related, but he also does videos about Minecraft and Pokémon.

Dan Middleton is based in the UK. His channel is one of the largest gaming YouTube channels in existence.

His videos are child-friendly and fun, so much so that he won several Kids’ Choice Awards and even set Guinness World Records. He reached Forbes’ list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in 2017.

If there’s one Roblox YouTuber that you should watch, it’s DanTDM. His content is always creative and entertaining to watch.

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2. Lyna

Lyna Is One Of The Most Famous Roblox Youtubers

Evelyn Vallejos, AKA Lyna, has 13.7 million subscribers and regularly publishes Roblox material.

However, because Lyna’s videos are in Spanish, non-Spanish speakers must rely on English subtitles to follow her comments. 

Although men dominate gaming, Lyna demonstrates that women can compete with some of the best. In addition, Lyna enjoys games other than Roblox, such as Minecraft and The Sims 4.

When she isn’t creating game content, she enjoys recording music and has other YouTube channels focusing on her other hobbies.

3. MooseCraft Roblox

Moosecraft Roblox Youtube Channel

MooseCraft is a YouTube channel specifically aimed at providing Roblox content for children.

There will be no scary themes or foul language on this channel, only plenty of laughs, which is what MooseCraft aims to deliver.

Though the channel only has slightly over 800,000 subscribers, it is snowballing due to the high entertainment value of the videos.

Unfortunately, MooseCraft doesn’t post very often, only about two or three times per month.

Still, the quality of this YouTuber’s content makes it worth it and probably explains why there are so few videos since they choose quality over quantity.

4. Flamingo

Flamingo's Youtube Channel

Flamingo is a YouTube gaming channel that primarily focuses on Roblox. The channel is hosted by Albert Aretz, a gamer from New Jersey who used to go by the name AlbertsStuff. 

Albert has had many other channels. However, the largest was his AlbertsStuff channel, which started on 20 July 2012. The channel gained over 1 million subscribers, but he discontinued it because it was demonetized in 2017, and the content was too edgy.

This is when he started the Flamingo channel and focused on more family-friendly content. It looks to be working as the channel has taken off massively, and he has amassed an estimated net worth of around $30 million.

Roblox lovers in the United States should check out Albert’s work to gain a general sense of the game and some tips and tactics.

5. ItsFunneh

Itsfunneh's Youtube Channel

ItsFunneh, which has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, differs from the other channels on this list in that a single person does not officially manage it.

Instead, the channel is run by Kat and her siblings, who refer to themselves as The Krew. 

Kat established her YouTube account in 2011, but it took her many years to upload her first video. ItsFunneh’s material is noted for being lighter and amusing.

At the same time, they assist viewers in honing their Roblox talents. ItsFunneh uploads new videos every day, so you’ll never go too long without watching anything new on the channel.

6. Julia MineGirl

Julia Minegirl's Youtube Channel

Julia MineGirl, a YouTuber from Brazil, began her online gaming career by creating Minecraft videos (hence the user name). However, she has just begun filming Roblox movies, which her viewers appear to like.

Julia “has been jamming games since she was a child,” according to her YouTube fandom bio. Julia fell in love with gaming after watching her father play on a PlayStation 2. 

As a result, the PS2 has been relocated to her bedroom. This became her primary interest. Years later, she received a laptop as a present, allowing her to play different types of games.

While Julia is serious about creating material, she also likes to have fun when she plays games and encourages others to do the same.

7. Thinknoodles

Thinknoodles Youtube Channel

Thinknoodles, also known as Justin Watkins in real life, is better known among Roblox fans through his YouTube channel. He has been submitting videos to the platform for the past ten years.

During that time, he has played various games, but a large percentage of his output has begun to center on Roblox. 

People appreciate not just watching Thinknoodles perform, but he also adds entertaining commentary, making his movies engaging and entertaining. He is noted for uploading small films that run less than 30 seconds, in addition to extended videos. 

Thinknoodles, unlike others on this list, is not a millennial or a member of Generation Z. He was born in 1977, putting him in his mid-40s.

8. GamingwithKev

Gamingwithkev's Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel, GamingwithKev, has gained California-based Kevin Lee Edwards Jr. a worldwide reputation. He currently has over 8.4 million members, which is steadily increasing. Kev is renowned for playing various games; however, his output is now solely centered on Roblox. 

GamingWithKev is a fun, comedy-based, and thrilling Roblox YouTube channel you should subscribe to.

You’ll discover amusing Roblox comments, pranks, and a variety of other fascinating movies. In addition, a new video is released daily to help you get through the day.

Kev is noted for having a fantastic sense of humor and is an exciting gamer. GamingwithKev also does an excellent job of examining the many aspects of the Roblox universe.

However, while gaming is what has made Kev famous, he also exposes other elements of his life on social media, something many other gamers shun.

9. Poke

Poke's Youtube Channel

Zachary Tarnopol is most well-known on YouTube as Poke. He has been submitting movies to the platform since 2011 and has risen to prominence in the Roblox community. He presently has over 5 million subscribers from all around the world. 

Poke is a unique Roblox YouTube channel where Zack releases various videos ideal for children of all ages. The videos tell stories that keep viewers interested for a few minutes.

His channel has had over 1 billion views with many subscribers. Zack posts one video daily, so there’s always something fresh to see.

So far, Poke has just posted Roblox material and has not streamed any other games. He frequently works with other YouTubers, notably Tofuu.

He has a second channel called MorePoke, where he uploads more Roblox stuff in addition to his main one.

10. Sketch

Sketch's Youtube Channel

Sketch, whose actual name is Elijah Best, is a gamer from Massachusetts who has made a reputation for himself through his Roblox material. Even though he’s relatively newer to YouTube than others on our list, he’s put up some impressive statistics.

His YouTube channel has approximately four million subscribers, and his original material continues to draw new viewers.

So, regardless of your age, if you’re on the hunt for a few chuckles, Sketch is hard to beat. Regardless of the experience Sketch is gaining via his constant YouTube uploads, and regardless of how well-versed you are in YouTube, this creative will make you chuckle after a hard day. 

Furthermore, Sketch has been a part of the Roblox YouTube community for some time (since 2016), although he has dabbled in Minecraft creations with specific buddies in the past. 

The best aspect about this renowned channel, which has over 4 million members and billions of views, is that it appears to be a never-ending source of material. Finally, Sketch is updated several times weekly, so the laughter never stops.

11. Tofuu

Tofuu's Youtube Channel

When it comes to the YouTube realm, Tofuu is considered an OG. Despite being in his early twenties, he began his YouTube career as a youngster with a Lego review channel.

He discontinued that channel and devoted all his time and energy to generating game videos. 

Tofuu is another Roblox YouTube channel for kids, with three weekly videos. The channel has over 1 billion views. Tofuu also has a lot of Minecraft videos, so if you like Minecraft and Roblox, you’ll enjoy this channel.

Tofu has amassed over 4 million subscribers on YouTube since launching his gaming channel in 2011. His channel is still fast expanding, so join him as his reputation skyrockets further.

12. Denis

Denis's Youtube Channel

Denis is a Canadian Roblox YouTuber with just over 9 million subscribers. His channel is wholesome and clean, making it very child friendly.

The channel releases five new videos each week with excellent entertainment value.

Not all the content is Roblox-related, but over 90% of it is. Denis is so successful that he even released his mobile game for kids.

Take note that some of Denis’ videos contain light violence, but it is in a similar vein to Lego movies and are rated PG, so the channel is still safe for most children to watch.

13. Alex

Alex Crafted Youtube Channel

Alex is a reasonably new Roblox and Minecraft YouTuber and is often referred to as the funniest man on Roblox.

His videos are entertaining, and children love interacting with the stories he tells through his content.

Though he only has slightly over 2 million subscribers now, his channel is becoming more and more famous.

Alex posts new videos daily, so if you’re looking for fresh, funny, and entertaining content every day, this is the channel to follow.

14. Quimic

Quimic's Youtube Channel

Quimic is also a relative newcomer to the Roblox YouTube scene, but he has already achieved exceptional fame and popularity and is fast approaching the coveted 1 million subscriber mark. 

Quimic’s videos are light-hearted and cheerful. He records stories in Roblox with his friends and releases them on YouTube.

The stories have well-written scripts and are recorded very professionally; it feels like you’re watching a professional animation video.

The themes are entertaining and child friendly. 

15. HyperPlays

Hyperplays Youtube Channel

HyperPlays is another newcomer to Roblox on YouTube but has already garnered quite a loyal following.

What makes HyperPlays different is that the channel focuses on making parody videos of popular movies, stories, or news incidents, all recorded within Roblox. 

The videos are funny and very tongue-in-cheek, which makes some people feel that they are trolling videos, but anyone with a good sense of humor will appreciate the artistry behind them.

The content is child friendly for the most part, though some of the themes may be too mature for younger kids to understand.

16. Pozzie

Pozzie's Youtube Channel

This list would not be complete without mentioning Pozzie.

He is one of the most well-known Roblox YouTubers, with just over 13 million subscribers. Pozzie doesn’t focus on Roblox exclusively, but it is one of the most featured games on his channel.

But be warned: Pozzie is not for kids. Firstly, Pozzie is based in Russia, so his channel has been growing more slowly lately.

All his content is in Russian, though there are English captions. But furthermore, Pozzie is not known for his family-friendly language, so if you’re looking for a good channel for your kids, stay away from this one in particular.

Final Thoughts On The Best Roblox YouTubers

Roblox is a great game with endless possibilities. The community is ever-growing, and there are always new things to discover.

Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks or want to watch someone else’s amusing gameplay, there’s a Roblox YouTuber out there for you.

As we covered in our rundown of the best Madden YouTube channels, the YouTube platform is so popular that you can learn about anything, even art.

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