How To Make Money As A 13 Year Old

Making money is challenging for all of us; however, generating an income at 13 years old was near impossible as it is illegal to get a job in most countries, leaving many to question if there is an appropriate way to generate some additional cash.

There are many ways to make money without getting a formal job, even at just 13.

1. Tap Into Your Skills And Talents

For previous generations making money as a young teenager, especially at 13 years old, was near impossible, especially since being employed at that age was and still is illegal in America.

The main ingredient to making money as a 13-year-old is understanding and exploiting your key skills.

While most of us had not fully developed our full range of skills by that age, modern 13-year-olds often have a few monetizable skills in their arsenal, especially online.

While most 13-year-olds are preoccupied with school, friends, and exciting daily activities, some are interested in generating cash.

If you have skills that you can use online, you can get a head start by earning for yourself at a young age.

2. Do Online Surveys

As a 13-year-old, making money by doing daily online surveys is legal and easy. Online surveys are easy to find and complete, and you can do them through any smart device.

It can be assumed that most modern 13-year-olds have a computer or smartphone, if not both.

All it takes to complete daily online surveys is one of these devices and a stable internet connection.

While online surveys are an easy and reliable way to make money for a 13-year-old, many sites are not worth your time as they pay nearly enough.

There are thousands of online survey sites, with some being legit while others are scams.

By weaning out the legit sites from the non-legit sites, you can focus on making a small amount of money each day, with the sky being the limit.

As an additional bonus, most reputable online survey sites will give you some money for free just by signing up. 

Currently, the most popular online survey sites for 13-year-old are Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, and My Points, with all these sites being instantly accessible from any smart device, no matter where in the world you may be.

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3. Play Online Games

Most modern 13 years olds already spend an enormous amount of time playing online video games, meaning monetizing this skill should be fairly uncomplicated.

Making money playing video games as a 13-year-old requires more dedication and patience than playing them purely for entertainment.

You can make a small amount of cash daily by following the games’ instructions by utilizing a wide range of money-generating online video games, such as PayPal games.

While some money-making online games are not legitimate, most modern 13-year-olds are technologically capable enough to decide which games to choose.

Swagbucks is an online survey site; however, it also offers an extensive range of gaming opportunities for any 13-year-old to exploit on their computer or smartphone, no matter where they may be.

The main advantage of playing online games for money is that the minimum age for most games or sites is 13 years old. The age limit means it is completely legal and legitimate to play small games for extra pocket money each month continuously.

Teenager With Pink Shirt Holding A Smartphone In Both Hands Up Close

In previous generations, playing online video games were often frowned upon as parents claimed it was an utter waste of time and intellect.

However, teenage video game players can make life-changing money due mainly to enormous video and streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

However, playing online games for cash is not always an enjoyable experience as you must complete dull games, which is far different than sitting down in front of the television with your favorite games immediately at your disposal.

Most money-generating applications pay every two weeks or monthly, making it the perfect opportunity for money-focused 13-year-olds.

Furthermore, most online gaming sites or applications offer a $5 sign-up bonus to attract players. However, if utilized correctly, the sign-up bonus is an extra $5 that you, as a 13-year-old, never had before.

4. Watch Online Videos And Advertisements

Modern online survey sites often offer users the opportunity to earn additional money by watching free videos and advertisements, which is a fantastic way for 13-year-olds to make cash.

While it may seem mind-numbing to watch advertisements that you are not interested in, for some extra money, it can be assumed that you watch multiple similar videos daily on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

By utilizing the same amount of time, you would usually spend on social media sites; you can gain similar levels of satisfaction while earning nearly $10 extra per day.

Furthermore, you won’t be stuck watching boring advertisements throughout the day.

Sites such as Swagbucks offer users the opportunity to watch various videos to earn a dollar or two extra daily. Some money-making videos may be interesting and informative, meaning you can have your bread buttered on both sides.

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5. Search The Internet

Thousands of readily available sites offer users the opportunity to make money by performing simple prescribed online web searches.

Modern technology giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple have focused on gaining people’s data and searching habits. This is the most valuable resource currently available to them.

By undertaking certain searches prescribed by the site you have signed up to, you will receive a small amount of cash for each successful web browsing search.

While making money by searching the internet may seem nefarious, it is completely anonymous and legitimate, meaning that this is one of the most effective ways to generate a sustainable cash income as a 13-year-old.

Additionally, the overwhelming majority of 13-year-olds are constantly searching the internet for various reasons, meaning that undertaking specific searches prescribed by the site will not be enormously challenging or time-consuming for young teenagers.

6. Create Printables

No matter your age, creating crafty and desirable printables is an enormously popular way to quickly make a decent amount of money.

Despite being illegal to be employed at the age of 13, it is completely legal to create a variety of printables and sell them to an online or offline market.

However, success in this money-making pursuit will require a creative and selling mind, although not every 13-year-old has successfully developed these skills.

You can create physical or digital printables sold to various consumer markets such as online marketplaces, neighborhood stores, family, and friends.

Success in this venture does not require massive financial or intellectual capital, as free programs such as Canva are the only necessity.

You can create any printable your heart desires by downloading the free or paid version of Canva. There is no wrong or right printable to create, as your taste and creativity will be your only limit.

Printables related to schedule templates, homework trackers, and page binders have been enormously popular, making many 13 years olds a significant amount of extra pocket money.

While school-themed printables remain the most popular choice among 13-year-olds, many other types have no relation to any educational institution.

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7. Organize And Clean

Most 13-year-olds are not known for their ability to keep their room tidy, let alone anyone else’s. However, if you can keep your room organized and clean, it’s a great way to make money.

If you are known for your organization and cleaning skills at 13 years old, monetizing your abilities in your local neighborhood should be straightforward.

Neighbors, family, and friends always look for someone to organize and clean any clutter in their homes. While this job will not make you rich overnight, it’s a great start for modern young teenagers.

Furthermore, you can expand your small local business by offering your services to local mothers or neighbors who are too busy to properly attend to their homes every day.

The best market to target for this idea is elderly neighbors, who often have extra cash, have difficulty cleaning due to their age, and are more than willing to help 13 years old in their early business ventures.

8. Do Part-Time Jobs In Your Local Neighborhood

Making money by getting part-time jobs from people living in the same neighborhood is the easiest way of generating an income at 13 years old.

The most obvious choice is becoming a babysitter for friends, family, or neighbors.

While babysitting has traditionally been reserved for girls, boys are now also openly welcomed. Becoming a babysitter is easy and mostly requires no experience.

tart small with your close family before branching out to friends and other neighbors, as eventually, the experience will greatly benefit you.

Many other jobs are readily available in your local neighborhood, such as caring for pets when their owners are away, gardening, landscaping, and cleaning.

Lawn Mower With Cut Grass Close Up

It may seem daunting approaching neighbors for work as a 13-year-old; however, you will quickly realize that they are more welcoming than you would expect, as they were in the same position when they were the same age.

Getting your legal guardians’ permission before committing to any money-making opportunity is essential, as it is illegal for 13-year-olds to be employed in most countries.

In addition, going into other people’s houses presents risks, while online job opportunities can often be dubious. Following basic precautions, you’ll discover plenty of ways to make money quickly.

Making money as a 13-year-old used to be enormously challenging as it is illegal to be officially employed at that age.

However, modern 13-year-olds currently have a vast array of money-making opportunities available to them. Start small by tapping into your skills before branching out into the online world and your local neighborhood.

By making money at such a young age, you will give yourself a massive advantage in the future with your experience and technical knowledge.

Many will ridicule you for working at 13 years old. However, it will be you laughing when you already have a wealth of experience combined with a sizeable bank account when entering the official job market.

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