8 Old Minecraft YouTubers You Can’t Forget

Since 2011, there have been many Minecraft YouTubers rising in popularity. Sadly, some are not active online anymore, whereas others peaked and then lost viewership for various reasons.

However, Minecraft is still played and loved by many, making many channels relevant today.

1. DanTDM

Dantdm Is One Of The Best Old Minecraft Youtubers

Daniel Middleton (The Diamond Minecart or DanTDM) is a British YouTuber that is number one on this list because of his impressive 26.3 million subscribers – an achievement that got him the YouTube Diamond Award.

With a net worth of $35 million, he is one of the most famous YouTubers and even appeared in the 2021 movie Free Guy

Daniel’s first channel was called PokemonDanLvl45. Since 2012, his second online channel DanTDM has focused more on Minecraft content, with some uploads featuring Roblox, Pokémon, and Tomodachi Life.

There are over 3,000 different videos to enjoy, and he’s most known for his humorous presentations, mod showcases, attractive house builds, and engaging survival series

Among his many awards, DanTDM set the Guinness World Record for getting the most views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel. If this isn’t enough, you can follow him on three other channels: DanTDM Live, DanTDM Sorts, and MoreTDM.

  • YouTube channel: DanTDM
  • Subscribers: 26.3 million
  • Channel created on: 14 July 2012
  • Number of videos: 3.6K
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2. SSundee

Ssundee's Youtube Channel

SSundee is a channel hosted by Ian Marcus Stapleton, an American YouTuber, and gamer. SSundee focuses mainly on Minecraft yet also features Fortnite, Reddit reviews, and Among Us gameplay videos. 

SSundee has some unique content and is excellent if you want to learn different ways to create your Minecraft world and progress to the following levels.

He also does a lot of challenges, competitor reviews, and mod reviews and uploads some additional reaction content while watching funny videos.

Many of SSundee’s ‘Try Not To Laugh’ videos have over 30 million views. With that many views, it’s no surprise that SSundee has a net worth estimated at $44 million.

Fans enjoy not only his personality and sense of humor but also the fact that he invites his son onto many of his videos, making it a bit more personal to other Minecraft YouTubers.

  • YouTube channel: SSundee
  • Subscribers: 21.2 million
  • Channel created on: 28 November 2009
  • Number of videos: 3.1K
Popularmmos Youtube Channel

Patrick Julianelle has an array of epic Minecraft videos uploaded to his channel, PopularMMOs, which has earned him a small fortune.

Suppose you are an avid gamer interested in anything related to the older Minecraft gaming content. In that case, this channel is for you, with mob and arena battles, modded Let’s Plays, mod showcases, and Minecraft Mods Vs. Maps.

Patrick has exciting Minecraft content, which includes playing with his now ex-wife Jen Flagg (also known as GamingWithJen).

Their first series, Skyblock, was top-rated, making the Pat & Jen combo well-known throughout the Minecraft community. The duo delighted fans with their chemistry and entertaining gameplay but unfortunately split up in 2019.

Since 2021, a shadow was cast over Patrick as rumors and allegations started circling over his unsteady social and romantic life, including an arrest.

Although PopularMMOs has some unique Minecraft content, Patrick’s latest uploads have been more diverse and personal.

So those looking exclusively for older Minecraft content will enjoy his videos uploaded a few years ago, focusing on game tactics and strategies

  • YouTube channel: PopularMMOs
  • Subscribers: 17.2 million
  • Channel created on: 17 April 2012
  • Number of videos: 4.6K

4. CaptainSparklez

Captainsparklez's Youtube Channel

Jordan Maron (also known as CaptainSparklez) joined YouTube in 2010 with a unique spin on Minecraft content: adding theme songs to his videos.

He is a gamer, vlogger, and electronic musician famous for his Minecraft parodies, and he also started creating some original music for his video content. 

CaptainSparklez is a highly entertaining channel with regular uploads, including songs, data pack challenges, modded survival challenges, his Minecraft Death Swap series, and more.

He even has older videos related to the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game.

Viewers like that CaptainSparklez make understanding Minecraft easy, so it is an excellent channel to follow even if you are a beginner.

You can also get more content on his other YouTube channels: CaptainSparklez 2, SparkleShorts, SparklyPants, Jordan Reacts, Jordan Maron, and finally, Maron Music.

  • YouTube channel: CaptainSparklez
  • Subscribers: 11.3 million
  • Channel creation date: 20 July 2010
  • Number of videos: 5.5K

5. Stampylonghead

Stampylonghead's Youtube Channel

The Stampylonghead channel is hosted by English YouTuber and gamer Joseph Mark Garrett. He is known for posting family-friendly gameplay videos about Minecraft, including a Knight Challenge series, Let’s Plays, and Top 10’s.

Some also know him as Stampylongnose or by his internet alias, Mr. Stampy Cat.

Being a former filmmaker and animator, you can expect excellent video content and entertaining commentary on this channel.

Fans of Minecraft appreciate that the content is appropriate for viewers of all ages, and the Minecraft game remains the sole focus of Stampylonghead, apart from only a few other short videos.

In 2018, he reduced the number of uploads to his channel and didn’t create new content for a while.

Luckily, he returned in 2019 with a comeback to Minecraft by uploading a new Lovely World video named ‘Mirror World.’ His Lovely World series went on to surpass 1 million views.

If you want to know more about Stampylonghead (where he was born, his childhood, etc.), it is worth watching his ‘Build My Life’ video to celebrate reaching 8 million subscribers. He also has other channels worth following, like Stampylongnose, Let’s Cress, and The Bonus Points.

  • YouTube channel: Stampylonghead
  • Subscribers: 10.6 million
  • Channel created on: 29 July 2011
  • Number of videos: 3.9K

6. Bajan Canadian

Bajan Canadians Youtube Channel

Mitchell Hughes, known as Bajan Canadian, is a YouTuber known for his skillful Minecraft gameplays. His most popular Minecraft game videos include survival mode, adventure maps, and park speed runs.

Bajan Canadian was also part of Team Crafted – the oldest group of gaming YouTubers. They recorded YouTube videos together, helping one another gain more community subscribers.

Yet his expertise isn’t limited to Minecraft.

Bajan Canadian also features other games in his videos that you can enjoy. Unfortunately, he went silent in 2021 and unlisted most of his videos, depriving his loyal fans of updated content. However, his last videos, ‘5 Insane Data Packs In Minecraft’ and ‘Minecraft But it’s Lucky Block Hunger Games,’ are still well worth watching.

  • YouTube channel: Bajan Canadian
  • Subscribers: 5.71 million
  • Channel created on: 3 March 2010
  • Number of videos: 4.4K

7. JeromeASF

Jeromeasf's Youtube Channel

JeromeASF is a popular Minecraft YouTube channel hosted by Jerome Aceti. He aims to have as much fun on the channel as possible and entertain his viewers with various Minecraft and other game videos.

The first video Jerome uploaded to his channel in 2011 was a Big Boy Adventure episode. Since then, he has skyrocketed in popularity with his online series Insane Craft, 100 Days, Minecraft BUT, and his Minecraft Modded Minigames. Many of these videos have received over a million views!

A great reason to follow JeromeASF is that he uploads new content regularly, and his videos are child friendly. However, his other channels, like JeromeACE, contain some language for a more mature audience.

  • YouTube channel: JeromeASF
  • Subscribers: 5.49 million
  • Channel created on: 11 July 2011
  • Number of videos: 9.6K

8. iBallisticSquid

Iballisticsquid's Youtube Channel

David Spencer (also known as iBallisticSquid) is a British Minecraft YouTuber who created his channel in 2011. His channel has a variety of videos and features some other well-known YouTubers in the Minecraft community, like DanTDM and Stampylonghead.

iBallisticSquid’s content includes Minecraft tutorials and showcases, with his most famous series being Crazy Craft, Pixelmon, and Squid’s Sky Island Challenge.

Viewers love his channel because the videos are funny, the collaborations are fascinating, and it is an excellent platform for those who’d like to explore more comprehensive gaming scenarios that might be impossible to watch elsewhere.

You can also enjoy David on his other channels, namely SquiddyVlogs and SquiddyPlays. 

  • YouTube channel: iBallisticSquid
  • Subscribers: 4.22 million
  • Channel created on: 10 March 2011
  • Number of videos: 2.4K

Final thoughts on old Minecraft YouTubers

It’s been great reminiscing about the old Minecraft YouTubers. They were pioneers in their own right and helped to shape the game on YouTube into what it is today.

While some have moved on to other things, with other games like Rust entering this YouTube Genre, others are still going strong.

If you’re looking for some quality Minecraft content, then be sure to check out some of these great old-school YouTubers.

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