How Many Videos Can You Add To A YouTube Playlist? (Limit)

YouTube playlists are a useful feature available on YouTube and in YouTube Music.

In a previous article, I shared how you can see all of your liked videos on YouTube, even if you’ve liked over 5,000 songs, and this got me thinking about how many videos can you add to a YouTube Playlist, and is there a limit to how many YouTube playlists you can have.

I’m pleased to say that I have done some experimenting and we have the answers. Let’s start with the big one, what is the maximum number of videos you can add to a YouTube playlist?

The maximum number of videos you can add to a YouTube playlist is 5,000 videos. This is the YouTube playlist limit and also applies to how many songs you can have in a YouTube Music playlist. To increase this limit, you need to create multiple playlists.

How many playlists can you have on YouTube?

So we know that you can have up to 5,000 videos or songs in a playlist, so you must be thinking, just how many playlists in total can you have on YouTube? 

You can have an unlimited number of playlists on YouTube. This also means you can then save an unlimited number of songs and videos to your playlists. Just because you can though, doesn’t mean you should. Imagine trying to find something through thousands of playlists each with thousands of videos or songs inside of them. 

Use playlists to group content together, whether that’s music playlists or videos, try to keep your playlists organized so they’re easier to use and you don’t have to skip past tracks/videos that you don’t want to hear/see anymore.

Youtube Playlists

How many playlists can you have on YouTube Music?

We’ve spoken quite a bit about YouTube Music so far and even though they’re sort of the same as YouTube itself, they’re still quite different being the main music streaming service offered by Google themselves. As they’re different, do they have any differences in Playlist rules, how many playlists can you have with YouTube music? 

According to a direct source from YouTube, you can have up to 10,000 YouTube music playlists (via AndroidCentral). This is quite a lot and a limit that I cannot see someone reaching in a practical way, again, here I would recommend being more thoughtful about what you’re saving to playlists and the different types of playlists you’re making. There’s no point in saving music to a playlist if you’re never going to listen to it, or if you can’t even find it.

Another thing for you to remember when liking videos on YouTube music is that the song will also be saved to your liked videos playlist over on regular YouTube. Like a regular playlist, this folder can store up to 5,000 songs/videos, once you reach 5,000, however, the older videos will be removed from the playlist and no longer be factored into your personal YouTube music mixtape and suggestions.

Is there a limit to how many playlists you can make per day?

Now that you know how many playlists you can make in total before you go out creating hundreds of playlists, it may be good to know if there is a limit to how many playlists you can make per day.

There used to be a limit of 10 playlists you could make per day, but this has been lifted and from my experience, you can create well over that number. It looks like there is no limit to the number of playlists you can make per day.

Again though, more isn’t necessarily a good thing and if you create over 100 playlists within a 24-hour period, then your account may be marked as spam… Creating 100 playlists in one day does seem like pretty spammy behavior. 

I recommend sticking to a max of 10-20 playlists a day.

Youtube Playlist Limit

Why can’t I make YouTube playlists?

You’ve read all of this on the YouTube playlist limit, you’ve gone to or the mobile app, and you still can’t seem to be able to make a playlist? Odds are you haven’t created a YouTube channel yet.

In order to save YouTube playlists, you need to create a YouTube channel associated with your YouTube account. You don’t need to upload any videos or create a channel banner, etc. All you need to do is activate your channel. You can do so by following the first step in this guide I put together for setting up a YouTube channel.

If you do want to create a channel to upload videos, then you can read the rest of that guide to finish setting up your channel. Once you have your first video ready for uploading, you can follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you upload it correctly.

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