8 Best Time Blocking Apps

Time blocking is a time technique that can assist you in better monitoring and planning your daily activities. For a set time, you concentrate solely on the deep work at hand and strive to complete a single task within that time frame.

This is an excellent option for those struggling to get started or perfectionists struggling to stop.

Best Time Blocking Apps

TimeCamp (Best Free Plan)

TimeCamp is an open-source application that assists in tracking the amount of time spent on various projects. Although it is not a “time blocking” app in the traditional sense, it can help you determine how much time you will require to complete the planned activities.

In addition, because of its compatibility with other programs, this tool is simple to incorporate into your daily routine.

This includes productivity, project management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and accounting software.

TimeCamp Features:

  • Can track productivity and time spent
  • Automated time tracker
  • Customizable
  • Compatible with other programs
  • Offers a free plan

TimeCamp has quickly become one of the most widely used RescueTime alternatives, which is also reflected in their excellent reviews on Capterra.

ClickUp (Best For Businesses of all sizes)

ClickUp is a well-known task management and productivity tool that is used by high-performing teams all over the world.

You can easily organize your day with ClickUp by dragging and dropping tasks into designated time slots. The app will automatically assign a color based on the task’s priority. Additionally, both desktop and mobile apps allow you to track your time usage.

You can find out how long each person is likely to spend working on a project with the help of other task estimations.

For example, you can categorize projects based on the time spent on them. Add comments to specific time entries, and use labels to organize how much time you spent on particular projects.

ClickUp Features:

  • Group management and productivity tool
  • Easy to use drag and drop organizing
  • Auto color assigning based on priority
  • Offers a free plan

TickTick (Best For Every Day)

TickTick is a relatively simple app that combines the functionality of checklists, to-do lists, and project managers.

It can help you organize your daily activities, such as to-do lists, meetings, and other essential tasks, as well as laundry, meals, and grocery shopping.

You can schedule time for your priorities while also keeping track of any unexpected tasks or ideas that come to mind.

TickTick, like the other apps on this list, allows you to schedule time in your calendar for whatever you want. The main difference is that it includes a Pomodoro timer for dividing any task into 25-minute intervals.

This feature can be especially useful in keeping you productive if your day-to-day work consists primarily of reactive tasks. However, TickTick isn’t the best fit if you prefer to schedule large chunks of time in advance to do serious work.

TickTick Features:

  • Checklist and to-do lists available
  • Customizable
  • Pomodoro time tracker for working in intervals
  • Offers a free plan

Sunsama (Best For Busy People)

If your to-do list is getting longer and longer, try Sunsama. Sunsama is a time-management and daily-planning app that eliminates the annoyance of “time blocking.”

You can use the app as a focus aid and import tasks from other programs with a simple drag and drop.

Though time blocks have become relatively common, what distinguishes Sunsuma from other time management apps is the ease with which it streamlines your daily routine.

When you sign in each morning, you’ll be asked to specify your daily goals, how long you expect each task to take, and what time you’d like to devote to it. Any tasks you did not complete today will be carried forward to tomorrow.

Sunsama Features:

  • Moves unfinished tasks to the next day
  • Group progress tracking daily
  • Compatible with Google and Outlook calendar
  • Easy to use drag and drop organizing

Planyway (Best For People Who Use Trello)

Planyway is a collaborative calendar and timeline that aids in time management, project tracking, and resource allocation.

The time-blocking function in Planyway allows you to see the big picture of your work by visually blocking out the time required to complete individual tasks.

Planyway makes it simple to schedule a time to work on specific tasks in Trello or Jira. In addition, these programs can be used in conjunction with Planyway. First, add new items to your board or issues to your Jira as you usually would.

The next step is downloading and installing the Planyway add-on for your device. Next, drag and drop your daily tasks into your Planyway calendar to easily schedule them. You can also assign specific times to each activity.

Planyway Features:

  • Compatible with Google or Outlook calendar
  • Manage schedules and tasks in Trello and Jira
  • Easy to use drag and drop organizing
  • Offers a free trial

If you’re using an alternative to Trello, like Monday or Microsoft Planner, then some of the other tools mentioned here may be a better option, like the next one we’re looking at.

Clockwise (Best For Time Optimization)

Clockwise is a Chrome extension that automatically syncs your Google Calendar. This solution allows you to reschedule your existing obligations to create large blocks of time that we refer to as “Focus Time.” Of course, completing tasks requiring full attention during these times is best.

It can aid in the organization of your work across time zones, the scheduling of meetings, and the avoidance of scheduling conflicts. However, there have been reports of this time blocking app creates duplicate calendar events.

Clockwise will reschedule a task if one of your scheduled meetings conflicts with one of your tasks. Your time is valuable, and this calendar is intended to help you make the most of it. One of Clockwise’s catchphrases is “Make your calendar work for you.”

Clockwise Features:

  • Offers a free plan
  • Automated focus time allocating each week
  • Sends review emails of progress with time analytics
  • Compatible with Google and Outlook calendar

Any.Do (Best All Round App)

Any.do is an excellent alternative to TickTick and is one of the best apps for organization.

This app is ideal if you want the convenience of a calendar and a to-do list in a single, well-organized package. You can schedule tasks with strict deadlines using the built-in calendar.

In addition, any.do offers a daily planner, a grocery list optimized for web-based grocery shopping, and helpful behavioral incentives.

Whether you use Any.do to organize your email, breaks, meetings, work, social events, or grocery lists, the list feature allows you to quickly group together similar activities.

With Any.do, it only takes one click to convert spoken instructions into actionable to-dos, which are then synced across all your devices in real time.

Any.do Features:

  • Can create to-do lists and manage schedules
  • Group management and productivity tool
  • Categorize tasks into groups
  • Many organization options

Todoist (Best For Families)

Todoist is a simple app serving as a to-do list manager. Even though it isn’t designed for time management, you can still use it well.

Todoist helps you to get an overview of what’s on your plate and never lose track of essential tasks. In addition, Todoist prioritizes the right tasks, so you always know what to focus on first.

The user interface of Todoist was designed to be simple. Due dates, labels, filters, recurring dates, sections, subtasks, priority, sharing, delegation, notifications, and comments are just a few features available to you.

To begin making good use of time blocking, plan your day or week around the tasks that require your undivided attention.

Then, create a Todoist job for each, complete with a due date and time and a label for the appropriate work category.

Todoist Features:

  • Offers a free trial
  • Capture and manage tasks in seconds
  • Recurring due dates
  • Can prioritize tasks by highlighting them
  • Customizable
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