How Do Meme Pages Make Money?

You’ve likely seen a meme if you’ve ventured onto the internet. Meme pages are growing more and more today.

The question is, how do meme pages make money?

And, if you own a meme page, is it possible to monetize this hobby?

In this article, we’ll cover all this and more, so let’s begin.

How Do Meme Pages Make Money

What Is a Meme Page? 

A meme page is a type of online forum or community. These pages are typically found on Instagram or Facebook.

The posts in this community are usually “memes” or funny images/ videos. These photos tell an “inside joke” for that community or play on current trends. 

You just need an account with one of these platforms to create your meme page. You pick a niche or category of memes to post.

This will be easiest to do if it’s a topic you’re relatively knowledgeable about; an example would be an engineer creating an engineer meme page. 

How Do Meme Pages Make Money?

Meme pages mostly make money by selling posts on their account to advertise for other businesses.

These pages sell shout-outs to other accounts, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, meme merchandise (such as graphic tees, hoodies, keychains, etc.), or direct traffic to other income-generating sources. 

To start selling merchandise for a meme page, many page owners will use a print-on-demand service.

A print-on-demand service is just that: a t-shirt, hoodie, or other forms of apparel/accessory is printed at the time of order.

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How Much Money Do Meme Pages Make?

Realistically, it’s unlikely to make a full-time income just from running a meme page.

There are a few different income routes, but they won’t add up to dependable and substantial income. However, these pages are a great way to make some extra cash every month.

Meme pages with large followers of about 1 million can make $2,000-$3,000 per sponsored post.

Usually, these pages can create other income sources if they direct traffic to other income-generating platforms.

This may include their website, where they can host display ads through companies like Ezoic (no minimum traffic requirement) that earn you realistically between $5-15 per 1000 visits.

Do Meme Pages On Facebook And Instagram Make Money?

Meme pages on Facebook and Instagram can make money, but it is not just from posting memes.

This income is typically generated through sponsors, affiliate marketing, or selling their products. They earn the same way a social media influencer or an Instagram model earns, but as a meme page rather than a celebrity.

All of this requires having a popular account with a pretty substantial follower base. This takes time to grow, but once established, you get paid more for each form of revenue.

To grow the fastest, meme pages typically stick to one type or topic of niche. This attracts people who are all like-minded and have the same general interests.

You can also network with similar account types to try and get your name out there and maybe gain some of their followers.  

The last tip for growth on these pages is being consistent.

Meme pages typically post 2-3 times daily and utilize their analytics to see the best time to post.

Posting frequently is usually required because algorithms don’t show every post to every person’s news feed. They’re generally customized to what individuals interact the most with.

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Where Do Meme Pages Find Memes? 

Most meme pages create memes. The people who run these accounts are typically very witty and have some basic graphic design skills.

The jokes, or memes, are based on real-life experiences or current trends going on around the internet. 

These memes are often made with free online software or websites. These are the most common website used for finding memes and meme creation: 

  1. GIPHY: This is the way you can search for GIFs. It’s nicknamed the “Google for GIFs!” It’s a free location to get GIFs to put on your blog or social media pages.
  2. Imgur: This is your meme page for your super-specific niches. Its tool helps you narrow down exactly what you’re searching for. (Imgur can also be used to store your files, but if you’re looking to use it for that, I recommend an Imgur alternative instead).
  3. Tumblr: Tumblr is a rabbit hole of funny memes and stories. 
  4. IMGflip: Make your GIF with this tool. All you do is upload a photo, type in your text, and download it. 
  5. Gfycat: This site allows you to use GIFs, memes, and short videos. Upload your video to create your GIF to use on your page. 
  6. Free GIF Maker: You can turn any video into a GIF on Free GIF Maker. Whether you want a scene from a YouTube video or a Movie, to a video of your kid dancing, just put it into this website, and you have a GIF. You can also use the “reverse GIF” feature to take your GIF and play it backward.

Though some accounts don’t make their memes, they do have go-to websites to find the best ones.

7 Best Meme Websites Examples Include:

  1. College Humor: This is the best place for college-age memes. This website has a team of content creators that post, and people also can contribute to the page. 
  2. 9Gag: This is one of the most popular meme websites in the world. You can also contribute to this website. The team is based in Hong Kong. 
  3. KnowYourMeme: You can also share your memes here too. It’s a whole storage place for all the memes on the internet. Good luck deep-diving here.
  4. Cheezburger: This is one of the most popular US-based meme websites. This one also allows you to submit your memes. 
  5. HumorNama: This is one of the most popular meme websites in India. There are many different memes about trending topics in India on this website. 
  6. Reddit: Reddit alone is a website full of a bunch of forums (or subreddits). Each subreddit has a different category of people who enjoy that content. You can find memes in just about any group here.
  7. Me.Me: This website also is a host of worldwide memes.

Final Thoughts On Making Money With a Meme Page

Many people start meme pages for fun, but when they become popular, they can become very lucrative moneymakers.

While you won’t make much until you reach at least 10,000+ engaged followers, you should be able to gain followers quite quickly if you’re doing it for fun and have witty humor.

If you’re already posting to a meme page, now is the time to look into monetizing this fun part-time hobby. And it may even become a full-time side hustle eventually.

Don’t limit yourself to only Facebook or Instagram, either. Beluga is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels, and he’s a great example of a meme channel growing rapidly on YouTube.

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